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Ferrovial and Cintra Merger

The website doesn’t give much information but the key here is that these multinational companies merged.  This is how complex it gets.  The world of multinationals is a context where allegiences are not national they are typically to elite groupings competing to maximise profits and influence in a world literally of their own… Continue reading

Selling Off Centrelink Call Centres Costing $51.7 million Circa or Serco?

According to this article the aim is to eventually sell off Centrelink.  I am very concerned to learn of this and the 5,000 Centrelink jobs that were lost.  Serco’s business is to run public services around the world.  This is a trend that must be examined in the public interest.

 … Continue reading

ABC Cuts – Is it Criminalising Journalism or Freedom of Speech?

I am seeing a pattern here.  It appears there is a trend that reveals intolerance to freedom of speech.  My guess is it is business interests that regard freedom of speech as damaging their brand image and regard any opposition as an enemy rather than a right in a democratic society.  The… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”