I Request Facebook to Delete My Profile NOT Deactivate


I request Facebook to delete the Facebook named Susan Lily Carew and Worldpeacefull permanently as I do not want anyone accessing those that are connected with me.  I note deactivation is not deletion and I believe this is because other parties wish to be able to access those connections.

I have chosen to do this because I believe Facebook is not secure or having my best interests at heart.  I have found information on the internet stating the CIA is behind Facebook and I do not want my privacy invaded, my communication surveiled or my freedom of speech blocked or important information in the public interest blocked.  It raises concerns within myself that Facebook is not legitimate.  I have had my video postings to friends blocked which was the reason I wanted to delete it.  I noted the only option was deactivation which is why I have published this notice.

I would like my request respected as I do not give Facebook or any parties connected with Facebook permission to access any of my private information or store it.

If this is not done with an email stating my wishes are respected, then I can assume that what I have concerns about is true.

I send love and peace to all, all ways.


Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”