Is Homelessness Diminishing Returns of a Failing State Losing its Sovereignty?

I felt inspired to write this poem.  It took me around 4 hours.  I remember my sovereignty and the love of my country.




The rain is coming down,

Like falling tears sliding slowly down a window to the sill,

The eyes are the windows of the soul overflowing still,

Into an endless well,

For I fell and hurt my wing,

And I cannot get up to fly or sing,

No matter how many calls for HELP!

I either sink or swim.


The Australia of my youth was always home as a nation,

The Southern Cross was a constellation depicting the national flag,

Australians were friendly they give a fair go and a hand,

For a hand out was a hand shake,

For that was our bond,

For we were mates for life not fair weather friends,

And the Man from Snowy River was Clancy of the overflow,

For he took the plunge with courage risking life and limb to meet muster,

We work together in the snow, wind or heat,

We dealt with droughts without reasons as life is changing seasons,

We just got the job done for fun.


Today I am homeless,

I have written many notes in search of the ONE song,

Where we are each other’s keepers,

It is not about who you know but who you are,

Which matters,

For I stand on principle and value ethics over a comfortable bed,

I take the plunge as I step out of my comfort zone,

I live without a home for near a year now,

I survive on whatever comes without asking for a hand out,

For I am friendship to all people without reasons,

Yet when I reach out few reach back,

When I state my case with dignity the door is closed as if unopened,

For no matter the urgency of my plight,

In the eyes of others I am not right,

For labels of homeless and unemployed fail the state,

Yet what if the state is failing citizens who have no voice or vote over the state of a nation whose constitution wrote …

That everyone has a right to welfare, health care and a good education,

Is this not the sign of an advanced nation to care for  welfare as fair in a balanced Parliamentary Triangle?

Not as a duty of care but to care as a mate for we all have a stake in downturns to Advance Australia Fair.


Are we bonded by junk (junk bonds) or a common-sense of who we are as a nation?

That rises above business, labour and policy,

To remember why we are here, who we are here for and the purpose of this grand undertaking,

For we are in this together to work for the highest good of all,

For this is the national security that needs no defence,

This is the openness that needs no non-disclosure agreements,

This is the loyalty that needs no contract law or force,

And the abundance of generosity that needs no economic growth to sustain,

For this is a unique culture that needs no nationalism as WE ARE the world living in ONE nation,

For terrorism can only exist in prejudices that divide.


Truth matters,

For my word is my bond,

And my crisis is genuine,

To ‘conscientiously object’ to corruption is a duty of care,

For it would not be fair to put my welfare ahead of my nation,

To go without is to go within and that is where the truth of justice begins,

For rebalancing the scales of justice rekindles humility,

I did not fail as my life is dedicated to humanity,

To transcend this insanity of self-interest is to find peace in the unity of the commons,

This forms the pearl of comm-unity within the hard shell of compliance intolerant to civil liberties,

As the coat of arms is the Kangaroo and the Emu,

Our shield is our sportsmanship and generosity to each other as our real wealth,

For this is the true Common-wealth for which we toil,

Measuring the true health of a nation in how we treat each other – to accept or recoil on our soil?

That we do not sell off or sell out to global business as the only interest at this round table on a roundabout revolving in Canberra,

Interests are shared equally amongst friends who give their heart and soul to this country first,

For we are not the periphery we are the centre-peace.

The parliamentary triangle is to balance power,
The people’s City Hill, the Parliament and the War Memorial an Euclidian triangle = Justice of the Peace,

Disruption comes to rebalance what is out of touch with all sides,

To meet in the middle is to respect all sides not just one sided perspectives,

For all are equal in relation to the origin,

And our origin is in equality that cannot be traded or bartered away for the highest price,

As market capitalism values profits over people,

As money dictates uneven playing fields with favours.

Remember: when others come and go from our country we are here to live and stay,

For many believe the future of Australia is not in endless contracts but in real contact and service,

As Clancy was genuine, real and a good mate in service to his community unafraid of risks,

In politics the angle of influence persuades, cajoles, flatters and undermines truth,

To circumvent representation of the people by the people and squaring the circle to trade options,

Imbalance listens to some but not others,

Serving self-interest as the national interest,

For each of us have a choice as a real voice to Advance Australia Fair for the common good,

For it is good to be common.


Please take my hand and let’s travel this land to understand and deeply listen to the breeze,

To fall to your knees is to smell the gum leaves, wattles, poplars returning to the state of nature,

For I have sat at the base of Uluru remembering the indigenous were peaceful and still for 50,000 years,

I have walked amongst the Olga’s (Kata Tjuta) to hear the echo chamber reverberate in a moon scape,

I have climbed Mount Kosciusko in the dark at the turn of the millennium to await the rising sun,

For at this dawn service I wished as the mist cleared to live to my highest expression in loving service,

I drove around this country alone circled by vast deserts girt by sea as I thought of refugees as me,

For my policy statement elects Banjo Paterson not Paterson’s curse crowding out natural boundaries,

My allegiance is to friendship, fairness as mates in-kind singing the national anthem as the ONE song,

My oath is given in truth under the Southern Cross,

My wealth is in serving my country for free and to live life in simplicity as complexity fast breeds contempt,

For this land humbles me as I see the wedge tail eagle free to soar embodying the spirit of ancient folk lore,

For there is ancient wisdom in our history that is her-story as well,

The voice of wisdom realises cities are not smart when technologies keep us apart,

The clever country is decentralisation bringing us together in micro-communities of shared options in micro-climates of affiliation and synergistic exchange,

GNH=Cethical +I ethical +G ethical +(X-M) ethical +(EV-EC) ecological

A carbon (C) sink as trees exchange CO2 for 02,

Solar power enlightens to minimise desert storms,

Wind power ever ready kinetically energises rendering fossil fuels obsolete as the earth rotates in sync,

Tesla power negates metering as freedom from want,

And this is the real climate of change that will reach the world summit before the ice caps melt.

For it is to produce less greed and create more service as the global community connects its missing links,

For IT can be utilised in servicing cross-subsidised networks to unify our collective grid for the common wealth with privacy encrypted in universal protocols,

And the Trans Pacific Partnership exchanges competencies of comparative advantage without foreign control is to Get Smart with chaos,

For the public service is the equaliser extending the hand of Government to the people as a tax dividend,

Users pay dismantles as privatisation excised common law rights and civil liberties as excessive capacity,

Re-coupling human rights with fair trade as Australia reclaims its place in the world as a renewable leader,

Remembering the Clinton tirade which became a stock-aid crashing on the rocks of white-water,

Paranoia of Watergate wire tapped democracy in defence of retaining political power without rites,

To experience foreign interference in elections topical on the Hill to reveal a fake State of the Union address,

For all foreign infiltration betrays the principles of non-interference as sovereignty is capitalised,

Corruption, collusion, media spin and intrusion becomes the state of play that no longer sustains us,

Where all have lost their mandate from the people,

It is time to clean the slate before it is too late,

And start again from first principles,

This may sound simple! Perhaps the simple is true,

I send this with love to you,

May your dreams come true in this Canberra Casino of spinning wheels without fiscal discipline,

As Gandhi stands silently in the park as a monument to real transformation from digital to truth realising Satyagraha and Ahimsa is the long walk home,

A symbol of a renewable spectrum that does not dominate but allows Walter Burley Griffins grand plan of a city state to awaken global ancient origins in equality with the harmony of the many spheres,

For Canberra means not only a meeting place but a place designed to re-member the parliament
is of the people for the people,

Democracy is not about a vote but a voice as a choice for self-determination in concert with comm-unity,

Sovereign Hill is not about digging up the fool’s gold but extracting the virtue of sovereignty found symbolised by City Hill (peoples hill),

For the power of the people is what gives parliament its power and they are not anonymous,

As we are at the hour of great change,

Ethical leadership will be decisive at this stage,

For it is not to rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic but to change course as the captains of industry speed up against the winds of inevitable change,

Efficiency aligns with the Atlantic conveyor adjusting to thermal currents without over heating the pump,

As the north becomes a southern oscillation,

We must unite our nation in homeostasis,

To lead global innovation is friendship as mateship inspiring stewardship as the turnkey that turns the ship around quickly,

For this is the precipice upon which we all stand,

Home-less and heart-less we either sink or swim?

We either see a snake or a rope?

To know REAL HOPES is in Steve Irwin not a Stingray.

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”