Is Life about Education (shaping) or Life (evolving)?

Key ideas that will facilitate the young to be ready for a re-new-able future:

  • The key to a global shift of consciousness lies with the young. If the education of the young includes life principles, humanity can make a quantum leap forward in its evolution.
  • Build schools around concepts not academic subjects e.g. awareness, honesty, responsibility and subtopics such as transparency, sharing, freedom, full self-expression, joyous sexual celebration, human bonding and diversity in oneness.

I’ve just completed a series of blogs about 21st century education to get a handle on what is going on in education.  I now understand that it is a ideological transformation into the image of those who believe there is no higher power/ spirit/ intelligence or indeed intelligent design (even though they speak of intelligent design).  They regard children as amenable to shaping, which is true, but do we want workers or enlightened citizens?  A few questions to open minds.

What if a future society didn’t have any crime? 

What if a future society is a possibility we as a civilisation choose today? 

What if there are other highly evolved societies in the universe? 

Are we advanced or primitive? 

Much depends on the contrast of comparison for us to gain an impression of really who we are in relationship to other life forms.  The reality is – we are living on a planet that has not overcome violence, that has people living in abject poverty, where mental health issues are rising, children are growing up with one parent (absent parents, not present), children are hooked up to technology more and more as babysitters and are losing that sense of family, extended family and community.  We see people so separated, yet for those of us who have known friendship, community and great laughter this becomes the great tragedy of our time.  This does not require a spiritual lens, this is an aspect of the state of play on the planet.

So what is this spirit many don’t believe in?  All it is – is the aliveness within.  When you die the spirit leaves the body, it has been witnessed leaving. The spirit/energy has been seen as ghosts and there are so many stories in every culture that we do indeed live beyond death.  I have literally seen one and have had a friend who can speak with those who have passed over.  I was told things only I knew.  I have had my own confirmation of this being true.  Others will be skeptical. The reality with transitioning into a spiritual worldview is that you have to become still, you have to make space to deeply listen inwardly, you have to be aware of life not caught up in thought.  It is thought that blocks this awareness which is why many professional people may be skeptics.  I have met academics who didn’t believe any of this until, in once case in particular, an academic had a car accident and her child and husband died.  It was before this incident that she had psychic flashes of the accident and other events. This was a strange phenomenon for her at the time. She said she at night she had an altered state where she was at the crash scene.  She found as an academic very hard to reconcile with her rationale training and did stay in denial and avoidance about her experience. Many others I spoke to did not and really came to understand that life is not in truth 3 dimensional but is multi-dimensional and we are not the victims of life we are the creators of it.  These are radical ideas for those who believe what they touch and feel is real.

Spiritually, I have felt for truth with great intensity as I had to know what was truly real. It has been through great pain that I’ve been forced to find my inner truth so I could survive.  As only truth takes you out of pain, you cannot fake it.  I did find my answers and have a deep inner love that just comes around me, I often can’t believe how fortunate I am.  I feel deeply secure even when homeless and without income (although I still have my moments).  I don’t need materialism to fill those gaps to belong or to be seen to be, I no longer care, life provides what I need.  Now this statement is the one that I think those who are invested in commercial pursuits do not want in the future as it affects their interests.  However, if the environment is collapsing they will have to reduce the material output or nature will do it. Their children will be affected if the earth cannot sustain us and the climate affects food production etc. I am aware there have been plans for population reduction but there are consequences for this type of ‘survival of the fittest’ thinking.  We have choices – you can fight what is natural or you can flow with it.  This is another realisation for those who do understand that this shift changes what you see and envisage.  I am personally not part of any movement, not New Age, not in a group, I have found this out alone. I have noticed I resonate with a universal philosophy that others are awakening to. There is what is called synchronicity for example we meet at random on the street and we recognise each other like friends, it is really amazing.  I find I get themes that repeat and I follow up.  Someone may speak it, I may read it, or hear it on the radio.  Carl Jung actually was the Swiss psychoanalyst who identified synchronicity in his writing.   Those awakening may or may not come together but many are just exploring their own journey.  We are not needing to speak to each other in groups, we just realise that we are ONE and we laugh as it changes the way you live.

You cannot learn this at a university or through someone who really believes it, you can only realise what you realise in each moment, I see it as grace and by design (both).  I share what I know openly as I feel compelled to.  However, I do not arrogantly believe you should all live like me or that my way is for you. Even my peace education program REAL HOPE (peace, nonviolence and anti-bullying) is not written for this awakening, although it will awaken children as it simply teaches children of universal values that exist in every person all over the world, that joins us as humans, naturally as distinct from fibre optic networks with unseen motives and definitely the problem of surveillance.  In this way of seeing we are more similar than different.   I am not interested in shaping others into my shape as we are meant to be different and I cannot know another’s path.  I speak a lot in my blogs and poetry about the philosophers stone, this came to me in inspiration and it is really about life as the ultimate shape changer, it is not about education modules that shape information so people think the same or go down certain logical trajectories and buy more ‘things’ which will facilitate the ecological collapse.

A true ecological philosophy is based on harmony, not grafting words to appear sustainable.  Life brings its own challenges and insights arise from how you face challenges, as within us is all knowledge resides, for many dormant until awakened.  The higher knowledge awakens when you are ready, perhaps this is the real future ready or ready future (feels more accurate as we create it, we are not the subject of it – understand?).  It is like the idea of the camel passing back through the needle, you can only perform the miracle of awareness when you are ready and suddenly you see as ‘insight’, but you must be open to it, you must lift your frequency (positive intent) sufficiently to be able to access higher knowledge, it can’t be learned from books, it is an experience.  That is not to separate it from any human activity, anyone can have insights at any time when receptive.

Many who are awakening realise what they focus on they attract, what you think about you bring about, so they are careful not to focus on what is unwanted – violence, terrorism, sickness etc., so they focus on the world as working for us, attracting what we need, loving ourselves not expecting others to fill the gap, giving to receive, it is the reverse of the current paradigm. This is why it can be perceived as threatening. As Eckhart Tolle says the ego will fight this as it means surrendering to the higher aspects of human potential, many fear the loss of control, hence resistence.  So consciousness becomes the molder of the clay if you like.  We are powerful creators, each thought creates possibilities, that is why we use the term infinite possibility, you get to choose, always.

The ICT revolution has been created but I note the intent again is about money not future happiness so that it becomes the focus and that is what is created, yet those advocating for this truly want to be happy and at peace, but they believe money will bring that security, peace and success (meaning). It doesn’t in truth, you can only access that higher perspective from within. In relation to the technology there is nothing wrong with using it but the real question is how we use it?  Do we use it to play god and mold the clay of others framing their world for our selfish needs, rewarding them when they jump through hoops we call achievement (operant conditioning), making their success conditional on doing what is placed before them to our standards?  Or do we create a world where we allow life to mold the clay to the highest potential and we utilise a unlimited framework starting at zero point (infinite possibility) intent, providing foundational values that are innate (awakening the higher aspects). Viirtues and kindness become its own reward and evolving empathy for those who have disconnected unable to understand their impact on others (reconnection) or in difficult situations.  The question is about what we value. Are those social skills and higher awareness more important (serve us) than maths and science?  I am sure others will say ‘no’ given profits are made from analytics and science is perceived as the pathway to expanding horizons and markets.

However, worlds are created by infinite intelligence or unity based intelligence which regards us as ONE.  What we do to others we do to ourselves.  So we become responsible for our actions, we care about what we do to others, we see them as us.  So this ensures we look after each person and we value them as sovereign.  I believe nature inspires this realisation as no-one taught me, I discovered it through the hardship of life and my deep search for truth.  Montessori and Steiner are about self understanding (know thyself) and developing the holistic abilities and natural talents and skills of children in environments that are creative, nurturing and based on inquiry.  These spaces, in my view, are the true transformational environments for children where they follow their impulses, inspiration, questions, their interests and they passionately pursue answers using tools of Maths, English, Science etc to understand the object or subject of interest. The mechanics if you like are the tools but the expansion comes from an ability to see outside the box (compartmentalisation). For me life is not about education but learning, exploring and courage.

The reality is we learn differently which is why many commentators talk about tailoring, personalised etc.  In truth it is using different ways of seeing to help to bring out the brilliance, the talents and the vision to go beyond the previous generation.  Parents often say they want their kids to have more than they did.  They try to give them more so their lives are happier, happiness is the goal.  We don’t want to become the same neurologically wired in this logic based paradigm when we are clearly different.  I see this in gender as well.  To have universal values from unlimited trajectories within unity awareness accepting of diversity is to liberate those differences for the benefit of humanity. That is how we expand, contrast, difference, questions, clashing it up.  Some will view my perspective as challenging or threatening but it isn’t if you see differently.  For you to see this information is the law of attraction, you bring it to yourself is the unity perspective. Logic says it is chance, I say it is meant to be (0,1).

We have to learn and develop sophisticated social skills and emotional intelligences to provide real security, companionship, social connectedness and creativity which is absolutely essential for mental health, wellbeing and new vistas of awareness.  This is balance, this is the homeostasis that aligns with planetary systems in my view. I feel this intuitively.  As I write this I feel the passion as I connect to my inner guidance.  Am I right.  It is not about right or wrong it is about resonance, joy, excitement and fun.  This is the higher frequency I spoke of earlier.

Below is my video on Injustice and Near Death which opened up my own inquiry from a point of sadness.  I believe the true transformation will be cosmic not Information Technology based. However I acknowlege IT can be used to facilitate greater growth in our civilisation socially, spiritually and intellectually as a unison not compartmentalised thinking.  Creativity blends, compartments create boxes out of which we see, it is separated – one step at a time.  Check out a Principal and advocate for creativity in schools – This renewable consciousness is expansive and breaks the mold in truth.  As you move into possibilities it will appear bizarre as we have thought the same way for thousands of years.  We are on the precipice of great change that some will quantum jump towards and others will remain in the bunker, which is fine.  Enjoy the ride, which ever one you choose.  You are always loved and supported, as the unseen is indeed real.  This video introduces near death. Everything we do at the end of this life is reviewed and we gain the insights we couldn’t see when alive.  I speak about miracles, near death experience and the magic of life.  As Shakespeare stated: There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than you’ve even dreamed of in your philosophy”.  IT cannot give you this link, only the love of truth can.  My videos are from the heart, there is no agenda, just inspiration that moves me to communicate.  I felt inspired to give you information that I found in some books that spoke of Highly Evolved Beings (HEBs) and Galactic civilisations.  You get to choose if this resonates or not. (see below)

Sometimes you have to imagine the future to change the present and then change the present to create a future possibility. So let’s imagine what a Galactic society can offer from the tool kit of infinite possibilities.  All blueprints create deep impressions in harmony with what will be.

The lighter the footprint the greater the future impression.


  • Galactic societies of the future will share everything.  All the natural resources are divided and distributed equally.  There is no ownership of natural resources; the planet belongs to everyone including species of that system.  The planet is viewed as a whole system, not parts, as any damage affects the entire system.  The ‘speciesystem’ includes the relationship of all inhabitants and supports all life at an optimum level.
  • Each individual being is important in this system with a consciousness of doing no harm to the speciesystem.  The needs are all treated equally, but the needs themselves are not all equal.  It is a question of proportion and balance.  Highly evolved beings (HEBs) would deeply understand that all living things within the speciesystem have needs which must be met if all are to survive.  The needs are not all the same or equal in terms of the demands placed on the system.    An example would be trees and humans, the needs are not equal.  One species depends on the other.  Thus HEBs would pay as much attention to the needs of trees as they would humans.   Trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen (waste) and humans inhale oxygen (survival) and breathe out carbon dioxide (plant food).  This is the balance. If ignored HEBs know it would be at their peril.
  • In highly evolved civilisations eroding the speciesystem is not looked at as productive, but destructive.  So HEBs find a way to balance the total needs of the speciesystem.   They do not serve the desires of one small portion of the system; they realize that no species within the system can survive if the system is destroyed.
  • HEBs recognize they are in relationship to everything in the speciesystem which is the raising of consciousness.  For to change consciousness they know that you have to raise consciousness to see relationship to life in a different way.
  • HEBs do not pollute their air, water and land.  They do not put chemicals into the ground which can be taken up by plants and animals which is then taken up into the body.   They would assess this to be suicidal.
  • HEBs exhibit different psychological behaviours that prolong life such as never worrying, nor hatred, shame, guilt, anger, jealousy or panic.  They do not produce biochemical reactions which eat away at the body and destroy it.
  • HEBs understand that all things are perfect, that there is a process in the universe that is working itself out, and that all they have to do is not interfere with it.  So a HEB never worries, they understand the process.  HEBs could not imagine doing anything that they know would terminate the body or cause pain.
  • In a highly evolved society a being would not be asked to do something they’ve demonstrated an inability to do.  Their own demonstrated inability would eliminate their desire, in awareness that their inability could damage another.
  • This they would never do for to damage another is to damage the Self.  They define Self as self, the family and the community.  There is no definition of your self, your family and your community.  It is known as ‘we are One.’
  • HEB’s do not compete. They realise that when one loses, everyone loses.  They do not create sports and games which teach children (and adults) that someone ‘winning’ while another is ‘losing’ is entertainment.
  • HEBs share everything.  When another is in need they would never hoard or keep something, simply because it was in scarce supply.  They would share.  They are enriched by sharing rare things.  HEBs feel enriched by sharing everything freely without needing profit.  Indeed, this feeling is the profit.  In highly evolved cultures, the natural order IS equitable sharing.
  • The concept of ‘menial labour’ does not exist.   HEBs that do the daily tasks that ‘must’ be done for a society to function and exist are the most highly rewarded, highly decorated workers in service of All, it is the highest form of self-fulfillment.
  • Success and failure does not exist in highly evolved cultures.  They see ‘what is so’ and do ‘what works’.   They do not honour a teacher or minister because it is ‘morally right’ they do so because it is ‘what works’ given where they choose for their society to go.
  • There are no ‘have nots’ in a HEB society.  No one lives in the depths of degradation and none die of starvation e.g. 400 children per hour, 30,000 per day (earth).  There is no such thing as a life of quiet desperation.  There is no destitute or poor.

HEBs apply two principles:

1)    We are all One and;

2)    There’s enough.

They are aware of sufficiency and the consciousness that creates it.   They are aware that all is interrelated; nothing is wasted or destroyed of the natural resources.    They do not insist on insufficiency (not enough) through separation but live in unity.

HEBs demonstrate this raised consciousness by living in unity with a deep sense of interrelatedness (harmony).

  1. We Are All One:  All decisions, morals and ethics are based on this.

     Everything in the One interrelates:  no member would keep something from another because it had it first (possession) or in short supply. The mutual dependency of all living things is recognized and honored. Relative needs of every species of living organism within the system are kept in balance. Personal ownership becomes personal responsibility or stewardship. Thus HEBs are stewards not owners. HEBs do not possess they caress.  They are no longer in a possession obsession. In a HEB society a corporation would never be allowed to despoil the land in order to make profit, it would clearly see that the quality of lives of people that own or work for the corporation is being irrevocably damaged.  What profit is there in that they would say?
  • HEBs view the ‘common good’ as life.  If you are alive, you are contributing to the common good.  They understand community. It is not possible to fail to share nor charge exorbitant prices the more rare a necessity became.  Only primitive societies would do this.  Supply and demand does not drive the HEB system.  Humans claim it contributes to the quality of life and common good, yet from the vantage point of a highly evolved being, human systems violate the common good, for humans do not allow that which is good to be experienced in common.  In HEB societies there are no words for ‘yours’ or ‘mine’.  For example ‘my car’ would be ‘the car I am now with’ or ‘my partner’ becomes ‘the partner I am now with’.  That which you are ‘in the presence of’ becomes the Gift.  These are the true presents of life.

A World fit for Children – a Galactic worldview:

  • In HEB societies children don’t raise children, offspring are given to the elders to raise.  The children are not torn from those who gave them life; the elders live closely with the young ones.  The elders are not shuffled off to live by themselves.  They are not ignored, left to work out their own final destinies.  They are honored, revered and held close, as part of a loving, caring, vibrant community.   Offspring are not asked to learn about the basics of life from beings (parents) that are still learning the basics for themselves.  Elders organize, supervise the learning process, as well as housing, feeding and caring for children.  Offspring are raised in an environment of wisdom, love, great patience and deep understanding.  The parents (care-givers) are off meeting the challenges, experiencing the joys of their own young lives. They may spend as much time with their offspring as they like or be a part of the home environment.  It is a unified, integrated experience.  The elders see their role as an honour, for upon the elders is placed the responsibility for the future of the entire species.   In HEB societies it is recognized that this is more than should be asked of young ones.
  • The key to a global shift of consciousness lies with the young. If the education of the young includes life principles, humanity can make a quantum leap forward in its evolution.
  • Build schools around concepts not academic subjects e.g. awareness, honesty, responsibility and subtopics such as transparency, sharing, freedom, full self-expression, joyous sexual celebration, human bonding and diversity in oneness.
  • The meaning of the word ‘education’ is not to ‘put in’ but to ‘draw out’.  All true education is the drawing out from the student what is already there.
  • Teach children that they need nothing exterior to themselves to be happy – no person, place, thing and that happiness is found within.
  • Teach them failure is a fiction, that every trying is a success, and that every effort is what achieves the victory with the first no less honourable than the last.
  • Teach them that they are deeply connected to all life that they are One with all people, and that they are never separate from the life (source).
  • Teach them they live in a world of magnificent abundance, that there is enough for everyone and it is in sharing the most, not in the gathering the most, that the most is received.
  • Teach them there is nothing that they require to be or to do to be eligible for a life of dignity and fulfilment that they need not compete with anyone for anything, and that life’s blessings are meant for everyone.
  • Teach them that they will never be judged, that they need not worry about always getting it right and that they do not have to change anything or ‘get better’ to be seen as perfect and beautiful by what is perceived as god.
  • Teach them that consequences and punishment is not the same thing.
  • Teach them there are no conditions to love, that they need not worry about ever losing ‘your’ love, or that of a perceived god, and that their own love, unconditionally shared, is the greatest gift they can give to the world.
  • Teach them that being special does not mean being better, that claiming superiority over someone is not seeing them for Who They Really Are, and that there is great healing in acknowledging ‘mine is not a better way, mine is merely another way’.
  • Teach them that there is nothing they cannot do, that the illusion of ignorance can be eradicated from the earth, and that all anyone really needs is to be given back to themselves by being reminded of Who They Really Are.
  • Teach these things not in words but with actions, not with discussion but demonstration. For it is what adults do that children emulate, and how and what children will become.


‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy’ – William Shakespeare

Note: Shakespeare quote is repeated (this is not deliberate it was written in 2014, therefore life shows me that this is an important message)


Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”