We Teach What We Learn and Learn What We Teach

We Teach What We Learn and Learn What We Teach


This is a poem for all the great teachers,

That share their knowledge and wisdom,

Opening up new windows of enquiry,

Inspiring students to look at the panoramic before casting the first stone.


Education is the stimulus to critically think,

And not take words on face value,

For there are many faces in the diamond,

And all that glitters is not gold,

For there is always a range of perspectives to reflect,

And schools of thought are taught,

To role play great thinkers,

Yet it is our teachers that give us the wings,

To tinker at the edge,

To consider the possibility that we can fly.


All teachers learn what they teach,

Listen intuitively to what they preach,

For words are the ancient echo of memories,

Etched in volumes of literature,

Hidden amidst the jewel of histories on the dusty shelf,

For each life makes a difference as a daisy chain of natural links,

Ingrained by both the author and the subject,

Reframed as the body of knowledge,

Stored as a database of possibilities,

Envisaging perceptions and facts,

That generates new questions rather than answers,

Is the expanding horizon for which all reach,

And this is the sign of great teachers.


For to empower the student within,

Rather than repeat words infinitum,

Elevates true knowledge as awareness and wisdom,

The pearl of wisdom emerges from the shell of an enriched life,

For the skill is reading between the lines of true masters,

Revealing glimpses of new lines of enquiry,

Associating networks of similarities and contrasts to weave new theories,

As one seeks the thread that gives rise to see patterns as clues,

A process not unlike a detective sifting,

Is it speculative or actual evidence?

For this is the making of a master author.



Always remember you are drawn to those of like mind,

Which is why the subject matters,

As it defines you,

As you draw upon a lifetimes work,

Your tenure is never retired or redundant,

But a treasure worth keeping,

For your words are worth repeating,

As your work was never a simple scribe,

But is held equally in honoured letters,

Finding a true place in history.


For to describe the life of great souls and learned thinkers,

Are shoes that not anyone can fill,

For one has to be able to grasp great concepts on balance,

To feel the mood of the times without bias,

To do justice to the historic record with integrity,

For teaching the past is a great responsibility,

Giving direction to a renewed future.


Please know your words have great impact,

As arrows to the heart of my truth,

Pointers on the road to historic recovery,

Revealing many nonviolent directions,

Yet your direction gives new ground,

Artistically drawing out views,

Challenging ungrounded perspectives,

Imparting stories as metaphors,

Questioning universal laws,

Is the magic of the wise teacher,

Who is always a student,

Yet mastering degrees of freedom,

Is the real art work.


For to communicate ideas is indeed an artform,

That reforms ignorance,

It is peace meal,

It is pattern making,

It is peace making,

As democracy shares the space,

For the common good,

To find common ground,

As gateways to the profound.


So my friend …

I thank you for your part,

Which left an indelible mark on my future,

For I believe the impossible is possible,

And that truth and love are true arrows,

For the marksman cannot miss the target,

When focussed and the aim is straight!

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”