Mediocrity is the Greatest Poverty on Earth

Everyone is great, most have forgotten. When you open your eyes to see you will see yourself in all the faces.  What is it you truly see?  I see beauty and freedom.


Existence is Non-Existence Thriving


You can never know another,

Until you walk in their shoes.


What if,

They don’t have shoes,

Would you still walk so they can have shoes?

Or would you walk away,

As they are not Nike?


This has been a journey of a hundred thousand miles,

To have lived so many lifetimes,

In one life,

I feel weary of the journey,

So many judgements,

Like rocks marring my path,

Obstacles to truth,

As I watch the Rock of Ages,

Wear away,

To dust.


There is nothing wrong with being nothing,

I look forward to non existence,

As the cob webs blow away,

Gravity no longer free falls,

Foot falls are a distant memory,

As silence is my shroud of Turin,

My life leaving an imprint on shifting sands,

That ultimately leave no trace elements,

For I am happy to leave no footprint,

No evidence of existence,

In this reality there is no need to live to die,

For life is eternal,

And the only Kernel,

Is wisdom,

That is what I call paradise.


I step back and watch the drama,

I observe as people look down and avoid real contact,

As if to connect is embarrassment,

To feel is weakness,

To talk is exposure,

When it is simply relating to family,

That we have not met yet,

Opening to new ideas,

That we have not thought yet,

Revealing what we have in common,

That we have not seen yet,

As we are not so different,

Yet the mask of mediocrity is pulled down,

To cover the pain,

As love withheld,

Is the greatest poverty on Earth.


Yet how can I say the simple is true?

How can I convey that what you see is yourself?

What can I say to make you realise that genuine words matter?

When the heart flutters we come to life,

As the butterflies wings are the shutters that lift,

And this is the meaningful life worth living,

On purpose.


So perhaps I just stay silent,

Awaiting a silent spring,

For the Earth is turning,

The world is changing,

The axis is shifting to a new trajectory,

As the planet cannot orbit in such misery,

Its life force is chiseled away and drained down carbon sinks,

What was free and wild is caged,

What was natural and full of bounty is cultivated,

What was clean, flowing and pristine is polluted,

For we are filling holes with self interest,

As interest rates rise,

Love is withheld without interest,

As yields plummet as all stocks are exchanged,

For the fool’s gold is not in digital economies,

That do not exist,

To buy happiness that cannot be bought,

To sell futures imagining the rise then fall,

To find fulfillment in caverns that can never see the light of day,

For greed is the gavel not the justice,

Slavery is the system but not the purpose,

For we were born to be free,

Born to see,

The sunrise and sunset is the real closing ceremony,

Where fires were places of communion not deforestation,

Reunion with friends and family rather than Facebook,

For this is the true wealth of all nations,

In States with no name,

Forgotten and forlorn as time is a commodity that yawns,

In shorter supply with longer hours,

Yet all silently demand freedom,

But do not believe they can survive,

Yet when they believe they will thrive with life,

They will find they can live on faith alone,

For this is the Rome that can be built,

In peace

One day.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”