Harbingers of Knowledge Will Answer the Call





Harbingers of knowledge,

I have walked the corridors and climbed the walls,

I have sought peace within conflict,

Calm seas within turbulence,

Answers from the silence,

Travelled the world of diversity,

In search of unity,

Asking what is our common-unity?

How to recall separate islands of automation

to re-form Pangaea?

Watching a slow intercontinental drift as an inconvenient truth,

Divided by Gulf streams of cross-current thought,

Conveying information without converging wisdom,

As the diminishing carrying capacity of Gaia,

Is in free fall,

As some regard this as a free for all,

Stripping layer by layer,

As business-as-usual plunders its bounty,

Without consideration for the mutiny,

Yet who can jump off space ship earth?


The philosophy of the new earth,

Is the inner inquiry of our time,

It is the moment of inner truth made manifest,

It is the awareness that sees possibilities rather than conclusions,

It is the law of deliberate intent,

A universal law of attraction,

Co-creation of future outcomes,

Through intention and focus,

The formula of this new science is – desire, intention, allowance, surrender,

It is a cryptic code catalysed when:

Desire envisages,

Intention commands,

Allowance trusts natural law,

Surrender let’s go of control,

Awaiting the universe to fulfill its role,

For this is the power of deliberate intent,

That intends a new earth,

A new trajectory of spiral knowledge,

That lives in harmony with all sentient beings,

Expanding universes out-of-sight,

But never out of mind.


This new way of being is a new type of seeing which knows …

The earth is an energy vortex,

Intelligent design is the cortex,

Understanding that what we see in our world is a reflection of mind,

Is aware of wisdom as the true knowledge that re-minds,

As alchemy transforms,

Light as love in-forms,

That we are one with each other,

That what we do to another returns to self,

As karma is universal energy response,

And we are here to learn the experience,

Of who we really are.


The clarion call has been heard,

As many seek a vision over the horizon,

Scanning for galactic life forms on the perimeter,

Ancient memories not to be found on twitter,

For what is inner space?

What is outer space?

Does the inner reflect the outer?

As above so below?

How can you know?

Only when we let go of control and go into the flow,

Can we watch life turn up naturally,

Without barriers or blockages,

For there is nothing you need to DO,

But choose to BE love in every moment,

And this becomes the answer to the call,

To awaken.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”