See Change: Stand Up for Your Vision

If there is something going on you feel is not you or you have an idea to create change, then be the change you wish to see, nonviolently.

In the world of the internet ordinary people for the first time have the ability to affect change.  Never think for a moment you are voiceless or not heard.  There are millions waiting for your voice.  The only qualifier on this is that you send your message with love and compassion and with an intention that is unifying not divisive.  There are no enemies in this world, only diversity.  Change can only occur when you focus on what you want and how it will look.

Here is a case study of one person’s decision to stand up for her beliefs.   This information came from Avaaz.  I do recall when I clowned with Patch Adams in Russia that I met a guy who was a member of Avaaz.  That is when I first heard of them.  I don’t so much believe in standing against, I am more for standing for what you want to see happen.  It is a different energy.  I am interested in positive energy of change inspired and excited.  Hatred and anger just keeps us in that energy which is the very energy people are seeking to change.  So be mindful of your own energy and if messages inform with the facts or if they are pro or against.  To transcend this we must become peaceful and stand in our own beliefs with positivity.   What you focus on expands.

Here is the message.

It’s staggering what one person can accomplish these days with the help of the internet. Take Christine, a UK student at Leeds University. She was shocked when she heard that Syrian students at her school might be expelled and even deported back to the nightmare in Syria because they couldn’t pay their school fees, some because their families had been killed or impoverished. Christine stepped in and actually saved hundreds of students at dozens of universities from this fate!

She did it by getting together with some friends and starting a petition on the Avaaz community petitions website. The petition was good, sensible, and emotionally compelling. She only sent it to a few friends, but they sent it to more, and it soon blew up on twitter, with over 45,000 people signing! The Avaaz team helped Christine get the story on TV and in major newspapers, and government ministers pushed schools to waive fees and launched a plan to make sure no student ever faces expulsion because of war back home again.

This stuff is powerful, it’s the next generation of Avaaz, where any one of us can start campaigns in our communities, nations and even globally. The potential of this to change the world is why our community is now offering up to $10,000 in support of the best petitions started by our members to make the biggest impact possible. Imagine not only getting thousands of people behind a cause, but also having $10,000 to fund the best way to win – anything from dozens of radio ads to funding a rally to building a giant billboard or float. The new simplified petition site means it takes just a minute to give it a shot, on literally anything you know needs to change:

The students’ victory was a ray of hope for Syrians at a time when their fate is so uncertain — caught between a brutal dictator and the whims of heads of state playing politics. It’s also a powerful reminder that when a small group of committed community campaigners are supported by the amazing Avaaz community there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

Getting started is simple, and only takes a few minutes. Then once your petition is up and running, you can watch it spread from friends and family, and into the hands of passionate supporters around the world. The Avaaz community will vote to choose the ten best petition ideas with the potential to dramatically change our communities, cities or countries, and the campaigns get up to $10,000 in financial support to supercharge their call.

Christine and her friends were amazed that simply sharing their story could lead to such success. So if you know someone who’s passionately standing up for their beliefs forward this email to them now. Or if you’ve got an issue you’re fired up about — click below to get started:

Many of our recent victories came from campaigns started by Avaaz members, from giving Syrian students the right to continue their studies abroad, to helping stop a company from abusing migrant workers in Bahrain. All these just took a few minutes to get started — together, the Avaaz community can multiply our impact a thousand times over.

With hope and excitement for all we can achieve together,

Pascal, Emily, Oli, David, Emma, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team

More Information

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