Do Adults Lead by Example or Are Young People Leaders??





World reports,

Youth voices in court,

One in three depressed,

This is the financial crisis,

For parents are working long hours,

Parents are breaking up,

Parents are cracking up,

For they are exhausted running on a tread mill,

Children fend for themselves,

Entertain themselves,

Escape from the mayhem,

For this is the new world order,

That forgets the family,

Is the mantle,

Of economic stability.


The young are in trouble,

They are losing resilience,

They are losing hope and humility,

They are sitting fed by an inept media,

Seducing their souls with corruption,

Violence, drama and explicit sexual scenes,

But what does this mean for a culture of peace?


Reports issued by the UN,



By youth organisations,

They speak of a voice for youth,

They speak of channels changing,

They speak of funding evaporating,

But no-one is speaking of values expanding,

No-one is speaking of collaboration sharing,

No-one is speaking of a world order that is collapsing urgently,

No-one asserts the system is leading us to the brink,

No-one is speaking of the insanity of those  who follow like sheep,

Running a world that is running on empty,

Conservatism the elephant in the china shop,

Mass murder of wild life,

Shrinking habitats,

The habit to consume infinitum,

To the point of extinction,

Of our own species.


For materialism is acquisition,

The journey is experience,

Where you focus changes the world,

What you value decides if we survive,

For to derive satisfaction fuels demand,

For it must now come from being the difference yes indeed the change,

Not indifference to make with no end in sight,

For this is the plight in the next generations face.


This is the message to the young,

Start looking inward for truth is of value,

Beauty is in the smile not the face,

Intelligence is in seeking understanding not degrees for illusionary freedom,

Love is in honouring another not in receiving,

Family is not a duty of care but the ability to care for your family,

Parenting is not about providing but guiding children to a better future,

Old age is not about dying but imparting wisdom from knowledge applied,

This is to be respected not expected,

Education in not about recall but learning to discern fact from fiction,

Truth from lies,

Bias from clarity,

And to choose what you believe,

Not to make believe what you choose,

For you are responsible for what you think.


Being a man is not about sport,

Nor letting women serve you,

It is to be integrity and share equality,

To be a women is not about doing it all,

Or criticising for what is not done,

But to let go and have some fun,

For the world keeps turning without you.


We are here to celebrate each other,

For to condemn is to judge,

To discriminate is to depreciate,

To exclude is to reject,

For to reflect is to render all negativity as counterproductive,

And this we all do with inpurity.


The young must see us lead by example,

To embrace difference with curiosity,

To befriend opposites as teachers,

To share with those who are in greedy,

To love those who hate us,

Until this is understood the world will not be in peace,

For we must make a quantum leap,

And lead by example,

For this is the sample from which the young try before they buy!

The question is will they buy or will they try?

For the answer leads to despair or hope.

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Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”