The Rohingya Holocaust

I will recount my impressions as I watch the Dateline documentary on the persecution of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.  I am crying.  Innocent civilians were murdered, shot in the back, children rounded up thrown into flames alive, mass rapes, where it is witnessed that many were children 10-12 years of age.  The rape was so horrific they died.  Can you imagine how those children felt.

I am listening to testimonials.  A Grandmother saw her grandchildren ripped from her arms and burned to death alive.  She recalls the children screaming as they burned.  Stand in her shoes it is not hard to feel humanity for their plight.

I want to believe that Aung San Suu Kyi had reasons, like many people they want to believe in her.  I can’t imagine why she went with this.  I contemplated mind control.  I don’t know. It certainly appeared out of character.

Apparently the specific unit of Burmese army troops were particularly brutal and renowned.  One witness speaks of 358 killed in an attack, apparently 99 were children.  Most were babies.  How can anyone murder babies. However, I know from the genocide research I looked at it comes down to evil in the sense that they destroy the other as this very dark element seeks to destroy what is good or innocent.  We see this in ritual killings and child abuse.  The consumption with power, the belief in supremacy, the justification of the other as a terrorist and no right to exist comes to my mind. That is the real meaning of it.

I saw footage of a 5 year old shot her mother dead beside her.  Apparently when the journalist took the video footage to the village the father saw his daughter and grand daughter and cried.  I felt so sorry for the survivors and those who died in the most horrific way.

Others showed wounds.  A young boy around 15 was forced to lie face down with other boys and the Army moved from person to person and slit their throats.  He had a slash on his back and two bullets, he survived.  I saw footage of the army kicking brutally a villager sitting on the ground in rows with others.  You could see the soldier felt the power, like master servant.  This is the dynamic.  the soldiers learn to be psychopaths, killing indiscriminantly and with no mercy, they feel no empathy. This is what military training teachers, to dehumanise the other.

SLORC stated they were fighting Bengali terrorists and denied killing civilians.  The UN High Commissioner said the attacks were well organised, well thought through and not an operation at the last moment.  It was a textbook case of ethnic cleansing he said.   I would like to know who backed them.

This term cleansing is a military term and I have heard it used in violent video games.  I heard a boy say when he was killing in a game that he was clearing the area, using sanitised military language to talk about murder, albeit a game.  He looked at me sheepishly knowing what it meant.

The UN rapporteur who visited Myanmar met with Aung Sun Syu Kyii and found she had changed.  She was shocked by her denial of the atrocities and asking for evidence.  Apparently she was banned from Myanmar shortly after her visit.  She did get the chance to visit the villages and was horrified. She saw the people were terrified to talk.

Tula Toli was reported as the worst attack.  The people were running when they heard the guns and became trapped by a bend in the river.  Other footage showed bodies of children and babies washing up on the shores of the river and recovered.  I am watching this now.  It is horrendous. Survivors in the camps confirmed the children were from Tula Toli.  They threw the children again into the fire.  Children had their throats slit.  Another lady was in a house full of bodies, they raped her and her daughter.  This is not about sex it is about power disconnected from the pain and suffering of the other.  When the soldiers had finished they locked the women inside the house poured petrol and lit it, some women were alive her daughter reports.  This is a war crime.  A crime scene.

They were burning women in houses alive in other places, it was reported.  One stated he heard the devastating screams of them burning to death.

I think of the holocaust.  This is how the Jewish civilians would have felt in the gas chamber, terrified when they knew they were going to die. Imagine in the camps and how they were treated as sub-human.  I met a Holocaust survivor who told me how the Nazi’s sent them to the right or left. She was sent to the right and had to work. Other women would feed her to keep her alive as a younger child.  This is what happens when pogroms against innocent people occur.  When labels are used to diminish human value and they are vulnerable, then they are in danger.  Whether people are called terrorists or vermin as was the case in the final solution this is how psychologically people are prepared to hate and justify crimes against humanity.  Jane Elliott’s Blue Eyed Brown Eyed story whereby this Texan primary educator divided her class by eye colour, based on Mengels and the Aryian race.  She had the children experience what it is like to be demonised, put down, privileges taken away and sub-human. The children fought in the playground even scholastically the children who believed they were less did poorly in tests.  The psychology of discrimination is how repression and brutality can flourish whilst good people do nothing.  Until you stand in the shoes of the other you cannot know their suffering. That is why we learn by experience rather than theory.  Until a soldier is a prisoner experiencing the same brutality as a villager he can’t know the reality. Conscience is natures way to prevent us from hurting another but if a person is detached and indifferent through dehumanising narratives this blocks empathy.

This is no different.  Although the Rohingya died in the most horrendous ways. This is genocide definitely.

The fact the Myanmar military is enabled to control Myanmar given the international community are well aware of the ethnic persecution in this country.  The question is why?

The journalist interviews Minister for social welfare, relief and resettlement.  He says because of the terrorist attack is a cleansing operation.  Journalist tell him about the murders, rape, burning houses.  He asks why such force?  He says I don’t think so, as you knew I have said this, I know only about my duty and responsibility, it is beyond my capacity he says.  Clearly told to say nothing.  I would like to point out that this is a major problem with dictatorial governance, the people do their duty absolving themselves from responsibility when enabling war crimes.  They too should face court.

Footage shows him with the army in the state with the army.

Commander and chief of the army says there is no Rohingya, he says it was unfinished business and to stay close to the law so they can’t be criticised.

The UN special Rapporteur Vangheee Lee says it is the hall mark of genocide.

The orders came from the top of the chain says Zeid al Hussein, high commissioner for refugees.  He wouldn’t be surprised if a court found this to be genocide.

Massacre in a village show gruesome murders of 10 men.  Journalists were arrested for violating state secrets and face 14 years in prison. This is how legislation can be used to suppress freedom of speech and prevent information getting out when war crimes are undertaken.

Bill Richardson US ambassador asked Aung Sun Suu Kyi to release the journalists, she wouldn’t.  He saw her as a politician.  He says she liked the power and walled off from reality.

Vast majority of crimes against Rohingya remain unpunished the reported states.  A witness states that he has nightmares, he saw dead and burning bodies, no flesh or bones, he has no brothers or sisters, no relatives now, he was from a family of nine and he is the only survivor.

The war against civilians is deeply disturbing where they are targeted, defenseless with no means of protection.  They are killed or indeed slaughtered like animals as if sub-human. It is very evident the mentality committing this crime is no different from Nazi Germany.

This is the video from Dateline called ‘Myanmar Killing Fields’


So who is training the Myanmar army?  The British were involved

I would like to know about the Defense industries and their involvement.

Israel were involved in supply arms

War never brings peace.  It only creates misery and spreads this darkness and calls it defence, democracy, terrorism yet when we conflict map the issue we find their are tensions that are not resolved, there are issues of inequality and behaviours of bullying (power over) as a means of forcing outcomes that the other party wants.

We need to co-create a world where respect, human rights, dignity and safety are features of enlightened global society.  May this type of behaviour be relegagted to the past and we evolve as a human civilisation to a level that speaks to the best of us not the worst.

There is karma in this and I do know that what you put out comes back not as revenge but as universal law.  To create peace you must experience inner peace.  When you do you realise that the darkness obscures the truth of what is so.  Clarity forces you to look at yourself, the fundamental beliefs that drive violence and what the fears are that are protected.  Until we can find the truth within ourselves we continue on endless wars.  However, I feel there is a shift taking place globally. I do believe this era is coming to an end.

That brings me peace.

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”