TED: What Happens at the End of Life?

Something to ponder.  Maybe we live when we face death.

I have faced death and know that I choose life.  I wonder how would we all treat each other if we truly knew that the person in front of you has never existed, is unique.  One day that person will die and pass over into another reality.  What if we treasured the time with each person mindful of this?   When I clowned in hospitals I gave love to every person I met.  I have been in palliative care and loved those dying deeply.  I make sure they see their worth mirrored in my face.  We clown to stimulate joy which stimulates endorphins which distracts from pain.  We do this to connect with people so they don’t feel alone.  I was told I made a person’s whole day when I simply smiled.  How many walk past and never smile.

My work in near death made me really appreciate people and the beauty in life.  We allow negative media, politicians, business, military people define life.  They bring a negative spin on it.  They have no idea of the incredible people they regard as as enemies. They do not know the people they dislike or those they dehumanise or demean.  They know nothing of the person (people), what they love, their dreams, their highs and lows and foiables as a human being.  If one can be still for a little while appreciating people.  I guess when you come to your own death you will review yourself and how you behaved in life.  Let’s hope you see the light.  Life is out to serve us not work against us.

This speaker on TED is a beautiful man, he has seen the true beauty of life.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”