How to Discern Propaganda from the Truth in Syria

It is estimated that 500,000 people have been killed in Syria.

It has come to my attention by synchronicity (which is normal for me) the situation of the White Hats in Syria, whereby some view them as heroes others engaged in propaganda.  The cyber world we are means footage can be doctored, events staged, black ops created in order to sway global opinion one way or another.  Psychological warfare is a feature of war and in truth it is where the real wars are waged. Governments are aware of the power of social media and it will be used.

I am going to post a few videos here of the gas attack at Douma, Syria.  I want you to observe your own reaction, how you emotionally react, what you think, what thoughts come up.  Then look to the next video and then the next again viewing your own reaction not unconsciously watching footage.

How do you discern propaganda from truth, you firstly watch yourself.  You ask is this inspiring in me anger or love?  Is this divisive or unifying?  Is it true?  How does it make you feel about yourself and the world?

I note the video is provided by the Guardian who are a reputable source.  What do YOU think or feel?

Note this is a suspected attack.  Note they don’t use the word ‘terrorism’ as they are in Syria and the people are Muslim. Had this happened anywhere in the world would it be labelled ‘terrorism’ by the media.  Something to consider.

This video features the boy in the attack.  What do YOU think or feel?

You have to be mindful when your emotions are being manipulated into hating people.  I note the label ‘terrorism’ is used in such a way rather than a problem to be solved. As a peacemaker I ignore labels, I look very carefully into who is saying what and what effect they are seeking?  I see violence or nonviolence.  I see hatred or peace.  I look at whose interests this is in.  I might go and look at articles around the subject matter.  I seek to look beyond the mask.

A citizen independent journalist perspective.  What do YOU think or feel?

Notice the Arabic voice that is not obscured which means any Syrian can interpret and if they know English they can monitor the interpreter.

The Independent journalist is interviewing random people which appears to be genuine in my inner feeling. The commentator mentions online activists pushing conspiracy theory.  I pay attention to these theories now.  He mentions smears, I am mindful of this as a means of discrediting information, be mindful.  He speaks of how accusations can demonise commentators.  

An interesting interview with the Admiral Lord West (BBC interview).  He is the former Chief of Defence Intelligence had bad experiences, had huge pressure put on him politically to say the war campaign in Bosnia was achieving all sorts of things, he knows the things that can happen with intelligence. The journalist speaks of fabrication  of evidence in Douma, she speaks about the information war with Russia.  She wondered if it is inadvisable to be stating this publicly and muddying the waters.  The commentator picks up on the interviewers statement. This is reflective questioning and important for the public to take responsibility for what they see and hear and question for truth carefully.

The investigative journalist then shows the interview I have shown you with analysis.  This would be a descriptor of peace journalism seeking for the truth of a matter by critical questioning of visual and verbal evidence.

I note the Russian reporting beneath the visuals of the boy.  This also must be questioned.

Impartiality is hard to determine in a cyber world as we are trusting sources rather than face to face information from those directly involved from a range of perspectives.  In my work as a community journalist I have interviewed people involved sitting in front of me or I met authoritative sources and reported perspectives.  As a former market analyst I have learned to not take things on face value but to question and gain a variety of views as people see differently as each has a different psychological filter.

The key point is to not believe everything you hear or see but trust your own instinct and create an intention for truth.  Life will bring truth to you if you are genuine.  If you wish to live unconsciously you will just believe what you’ve been shown and call it truth.  The words ‘a wolf in sheeps clothing‘ comes to me now. Moreover, observe how the reporting makes you feel and whether you can a sense of with us or against us then fear is being used.  It is a sign of manipulation.  Manipulators are very good at what they do, some are extremely clever at impressions management and they know how to evoke emotions to organise a backlash or to destroy someone. They are very believable, I’ve known a few with natural talent.  I met a person recently who sought to convince me of his credibility and genuine commitment to a job, I believed him and then saw his work and knew he had lied.  My inner sense brought the truth to me that I was being manipulated.  I sat and reflected, I took it on board his demeanour and internalised my awareness.  There was another about a month ago who actually lied to my friend about something that had happened concerning me.  She and I are close and she knew he was seeking to divide us.  Both of us were on to him.  His attempt to create conflict actually backfired.  However, I made a mental note to tune into this and not be fooled again.  For me I pick up their energy and that is the signature I internalise.  I feel it and imprint it within myself.  So I recognise it.  They are very good at manipulation and they appear interested, but self interest drives their behaviour as they learn techniques to get what they want. The same happens at the international level but it organised in sophisticated ways.

The situation in Syria is a crime against humanity in my view.  The fact it is still going is a indictment on the UN, the countries involved, the media and the many industries supporting war and calling it growth.  They all have blood on their hands and I say this with great love, what you put out returns.  Life is circular and we are all connected.  So no event is a discrete variable, it is all one event and in a duality cause and effect is the universal law.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”