Can We End Poverty? Is it About Crazy Little thing Called Love!

This is footage from the Live Aid concert organised by Bob Geldof to end poverty in Africa.  It was to unite the world under a common purpose.  It was to use music to inspire participation and focus on this cause that need not be if we shared.  Of course the concert did not end poverty as the root cause is greed coming from egoic consciousness that regards itself as separate from others.  It is not understood that what you do for another returns to the self.  The pie grows through giving as in truth we give to ourselves when we give to others.  When we tap into that keynote that resonates with the whole of humanity then we remember who we really are.  There is no them or us.

The poverty in Africa is the mirror of the spiritual poverty of those with too much.  Interestingly those who have the material wealth have increasing mental health and those without material possessions suffer physically from not enough yet they have community.  This is the dichotomy.

A perspective of what went wrong with Live Aid is featured here  Bob Geldof must not feel he failed but in truth he started something and stepped into a complex problem. He could not solve the world’s problems through music but he created a focus. Ultimately the people have to solve this problem. The article critiquing the outcome itself is part of the solution in that it reveals the problem is not hunger but greed in the form of government repression.  It is the perennial tension between control and humanity.  I am speaking of inner states which permeate all of humanity.  However, one feels empathy for suffering other is disconnected from their humanity. The concert reminded humanity of its own humanity, in this is was a success.

When we live in balance, our world will flourish.  Live Aid was not able to shift consciousness but it was able to provide an experience of what unity feels like when we are singing the one song.


Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”