Nationalism and/or Unity in India? What is the Peace that Passeth all Understanding?

I just discovered this academic on YouTube.  I don’t know anything about him but was noticing his energy in arguing and defending. I will not find out about him as I wish to present this in a neutral perspective, I have no vested interest.  I am listening to see if a person will calmly allow a critic to say fully what they need to.  I am also scanning for emotional intelligence in that a person recognises the emotional landscape – are you feeling… or are they defending? are they shutting down?  The content was not of interest to me as I was watching the video to examine the argument.  I was extrapolating that out to intellectual arguments and face to face winning/losing of the argument and the crowd response.  Respect has to become very quiet.  I am still learning this and I have seen myself defend in the same way, as fear is there or we are conditioned to win not listen.  It is about learning discussion.

A few interesting thoughts:

  • demonising (negative)
  • insiders and outsiders
  • reframing what is said with distortion
  • invalidating anothers opinion by misunderstanding
  • accusation in both cases
  • interruption
  • proscribing what another said no reframing ‘I heard you say …’ check for verification
  • right and wrong
  • dominating through voice
  • facts
  • labelling people (demonisation)
  • defining a position for the other
  • You don’t know
  • You don’t understand (I know)
  • Speaking fast (anger)
  • Court of law or silenced (no right to speak, are courts neutral?)
  • Humiliating the other by questions the other has no answer to (winning)
  • Facts, truth and wisdom?
  • Tell you (not sharing)
  • Allegation is defined in accordance with knowing all facts
  • Not listening
  • Trying to be a hero is a demonisation of the other
  • Shutting down other voices
  • B Grade (class)
  • Not hearing both sides
  • Not asking for more information about an allegation to understand the nature of it.
  • knowledge (facts) as power

It was evident this discussion created division as it was about winning and not learning from the other (diversity).  Neither party knew the wisdom of peace in the face of criticism.  It was not teaching respect for different voices.

I have one question – are there any outsiders in a unity consciousness?

So watch the video with a focus on the energy of the argument not the content, how it is portrayed and whether each party is respecting the other and really listening to hear.

To solve our problems we have to be able todeeply listen.  I ecall a psychologist whose said as a boy his father would deeply listen to him until he was finished then respond.  He did that to fully understand what was said.  Language is a poor perveyor of the truth, feeling get’s closer and love is a direct connection.  Love moves questions, love moves empathy, compassion and will listen to all voices.

The title of the YouTube video was divisive not unity.  Unity means we allow for all diversity as contrast not an enemy.  The next two video (Part 1 and 2) feature Sadhguru guru speaking with law students.  It is very interesting.

What is interesting is the discourse is the way the discussion unfolded with young people.  I hear the need in Sadghuru for unity as expressed in nationalism and an expanded truths eminating from his generation as well, he is not perfect but he like all of us is attempting to interpret. He sees chaos in that freedom, fascinating. The young people I feel are reaching for freedom of their expression as there is fear of what is happening in respect of nationalism.  That is my reading.

I would add trust the god of your understanding to lead you to peace even if it means clashing it up, but do so with love and a real desire for truth as there are no enemies, our greatest critiques are indeed our greatest teachers who will evoke in us a deeper exploration of who we are. For this is a journey of self discovery.

  • I jotted down notes where I am mixing up comments (without ID) as they speak:
  • some interruptions but greeted with more respect
  • more listening to what he is saying
  • analogies not accusations
  • expanding contexts
  • heart and mind based narrative
  • no idea of history (put down as he does not know what the other knows)
  • national anethm
  • building of a nation
  • rights and discrimination
  • multiple governments not one government
  • failures
  • poverty
  • question of humanity or nationality?
  • maturity
  • union
  • accepting and living as one larger union then lower nationalism
  • Nazi Germany
  • Ideals without reality check (diminishing other)
  • Should not disagree ask more questions (like that)
  • Unless you say what I want I will not agree with you (agreement is unity – interesting)
  • Willing to give time to discuss
  • Talking nonsense without nations interests
  • Don’t shout take microphone and speak, stand up and speak
  • Reminding you, you don’t have the pain in your heart, rural landscape, people in horrible conditions
  • most have not eaten properly their entire life, conditions
  • nuances – 50 seconds
  • can you create a nation without inveting your emotion into the nation making
  • healthy sceptisms not a factor?
  • stand up and be a sceptic – stand up or sit down
  • How I express myself (young man saying, trying to express his truth)
  • You did not listen – find one simple process that all of us can use to express our love for this country
  • why do we need one way of expressing love
  • love for country is not a personal romance, how you express love your business, with nation trying to put complex culture into one identity of some sort
  • Invited in public to speak
  • Jokes
  • This is a country of 1.3 billion, own language, culture, caste, creed – everything different, need a common point
  • faith in diversity, choose to express in different methods.  Who is the we who can decide nationalistic expression.
  • American allegiance was perceived as unity.


I think of the Founding fathers, my understanding is that unity is indivisible before god or indeed within.  I feel that is the unity that recognises oneself in the all faces. Philosophically – when you go within you do not go without.  You must adhere to what is true for you (diversity) and when it is grounded in virtue it will naturally bring unity.  Universal values connect us.  This was not understood in both videos.

We are human, imperfect, in confusion, with pain and joy, wounds and healing, knowledge and ignorance as we grapple to understand the truth of matters.  Our higher perspective is indeed perfect and when we are in love with life and others we are momentarily experiencing unity.  I have known this feeling and it is heaven for me.  When I can look at those who are perceiving themselves as my enemies and feel love then I have achieved my goal.  It is the peace that passeth all understanding.

I love all.  There is no right or wrong.  There is only what serves us or what does not.  We all get to choose.



Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”