Human Rights Law Centre We Must Stand Together

This message is not only about politics, it is about any person or organisation that models disrespect, inequality, indifference and control.  That is the essence of the message from the Human Rights Law Centre.  This message is to lawyers who speak of fairness but do not live it.  Lawyers do not have to have specialities in Human Rights to adhere to values.  I would add to the message below that it is not about fighting, we have to learn to speak up and just speak our truth but at the same time be open to other truths.  To come together is actually to embrace diversity.

We must stand together

Dear friends,

In times like these we must stand together.

We must stand up for the values we hold dear – for fairness, equality, respect, compassion and freedom.

That’s what we do at the Human Rights Law Centre every day.

With our national parliament lurching further towards the corrosive politics of hate and division, know that we will respond.

We will challenge politics that fuels racism. That cruelly denies urgent medical help to refugee children. That turns it back on injustice faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and that seeks to undermine equality for LGBTI Australians.

There is incredible strength and resilience in our vibrant and diverse communities. There is so much more that unites us than divides us.

With your support we’re ready to fight back against any government that threatens our rights.

Together, we will stand for a fair, just and compassionate Australia.

Hugh de Kretser

PS – We are working to better protect our rights in law with our plan to create an Australian Charter of Human Rights. With your help we will make it happen.

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