GET A JOB!!! How Many Job Seekers to Vacancies in Australia?

Note:  Refer link to job seekers v job vacancy data

unemployed 2,878,100
vacancies 174,100.
Vacancies to total unemployed (actively seeking work) = 6%
Contrasted to full employment scenario = 100%
Therefore a shortfall of 94% required vacancies (however, given jobs are not the one job where all have an equal chance of selection, you would require probably double 200% to be in the ball park for higher employment given diversity of jobs/criteria/qualifications.

The calculation ratio  = 1:16 (so for 1 job there are 16 applicants).
This is not completely accurate as jobs are narrowed by criteria set by organisations (skill sets, experience, qualifications, age, gender, experience etc.) this means it depends on the job classification match to unemployed persons.  The reality is that the ratio is significantly higher.

2018 (February)

Unemployed: 730,600  (Labor Force, ABS 6202.0)

‘Hidden unemployed’: 1,047,500   (Participation Job Search and MobilityFebruary 2017, ABS 6226.0)

Under employed: 1,092,000 (Labor Force, ABS 6202.0)

Department of Employment, Vacancy Report: 178,600 (December 2017)

2,870,100 competing for 178,600 jobs

Ratio of job seekers to job vacancies: 1 to 16.06

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