What is Capitalism, Democracy and Freedom?

I just had  thought – capitalism is riding on the goodwill of democracy. They are not one in the same. Now I understand why I was confused, even though the obvious was there and I knew the structures were autocratic, I still believed that others believed in democracy.  I was wrong in some cases.

Behind the scenes democracy (social power) is undermined, laws watered down and rights ignored.  Yet politically democracy can be used as the justification for wars and the word ‘freedom’ bandied around as if they are spreading democracy.  Yet this isn’t possible as democracy is about freedom of speech, the vote, debate not violence so that people cannot force their views on anyone, people can only inspire ideas or debate about it.  Free will is critical.

However, capitalism is not democratic in my view and experience. It is a form of dictatorship that is top down, despite spreading power – strategic business units or delegation strategies.  At the end of the day it is about buisness interests that seek purely to maximise profits and it is ruthless in this pursuit.

It has become an unquestioned mantra given that people are employed by businesses and that incomes generated will ensure a standard of living and products and services to make life comfortable.  Government has endorsed business interests as important given investment in areas, providing employment and boosts to Gross Domestic Product.

Here are a few viewpoints.

The first video is Noam Chomsky who gives an excellent analysis of democracy and capitalism. He is not an academic he is an intellectual who has courageously spoken the truth to power.  He speaks of unrestrained and unaccountable private tyrannies.  He points out that this is opposite to classical liberalism, he speaks of Adam Smith. He says Adam Smith was in favour of regulation when it benefits the working man, against interference when it benefited the masters.  I was impressed to hear this as most don’t know Adam Smith was actually working for the people.   Adam Smith was anti-mercantilism.  I know that the invisible hand was to fairly distribute goods and services.

This is a Ted talk, another viewpoint.





Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”