Is Australia the Lucky Country for the Home-less?

Homelessness says a lot about our society.  We have the money to solve it. The real question is what are the prejudices holding back what is needed.  Tony Abbott was mentioned in this documentary. He is reflective of the Christian right

You would think people would be quick to help when homeless but I have found they ignore it.  I have told people that I am homeless and they do nothing. Even those who have known me for years don’t check.  I find it fascinating.  It has become a subject matter that I am going to explore more deeply not for myself but for those who are sleepingon the street, those living in their cars, on couches and who are too ashamed to let people know they are suffering inequality (that is the real homelessness). It is a psychological distancing and silent judgement that regards people as less than others.  Like racial inequality inthe previous blog it is the same thing, it is just another characteristic that disapproves, judges and knows nothing of the reality.

The homeless are the most vulnerable group and they have the least rights.  This we see extrapolated across the world when we look at poor countries.  A case in point in countries in Africa where there are images of staring and that is expected.  The same applies to refugees who are also homeless, they have been treated like criminals.  Then we turn to the unemployed who are forced to work for the dole, again, less rights less respect. I am interested in the psychology that justifies that this is who we are.  It certainly is not who I am.  I have always cared for people.  

I recall in London my friend stepping over the homeless on the London Undergrounds, I swore I would never become like her.  Never de-sensitise to it.  I would keep my life on an edge so I do not switch off my humanity.  When I worked as a well paid researcher I found I didn’t like the excessive lifestyle.  It felt numb.  I would say today I am still sensitive, I still feel for people and I still act on what I know.  So I haven’t allowed myself to fall into apathy that most live in.  I like to keep it real.

I have also experienced destitution, where I had only $5 in my pocket (I have $2 right now). I feel fine as I type this.  However, I found myself in my car deeply upset as I couldn’t find a place to stay.  I couldn’t stay with family.  I remember crying and praying for help.  I remembered a guy I’d met and I found him and he had a room.  

The lack of compassion I have witnessed has been very interesting.  I do understand that unless you walk in the shoes of another you can’t understand it.  It is ignorance. However, we have the money and ability to resolve this problem.  We will resolve it.  Then we cast our eyes around the world and we expand to investigate the same issue in other faces.  This is what love does.  This is the true meaning of shared humanity.   

Below is the video on homelessness in Australia isa wrap song called ‘from water to wine’ from Redfern in Sydney. The young are crying out.  Can you hear them? I am deeply listening.

I send love to the youth and the older women who are a growing demographic of homeless people.  I send you peace. I love you.  I am you. I honour you as equal to all. Never forget my words.  You will more than survive. Don’t give up.  xxx



Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”