Envisaging A New Future

This is my walking meditation.



No-one knows the meaning of justice,
Unless they have experienced what is un-just,

No-one knows real poverty,
Unless they have begged on the streets in desperation.

No-one knows violence,
Unless violence has knocked down their safety door.

No-one knows financial collapse,
Unless they find there is no money in the ATM.

No-one knows environmental collapse,
Unless they find they are unable to grow food to eat.

For we live in a virtual world,
Where screens becomes the purveyor of opinion and experience,
Where many derive opinions not from personal experience
But from the prevailing view of the day.

One can never know another unless they walk in their shoes,
No one can point the finger at another,
As three fingers point back to each of us,
For we have all made mistakes.

We can know compassion,
When we choose to feel it.

We can know forgiveness,
When we grant it to ourselves and others.

We can know love,
When we open our hearts and sing.

For without compassion, forgiveness and love,
The dove of peace cannot land.

For our world is changing,
In ways that have never been seen before.

Are you prepared to change?
Are you ready to look at your own heart?
And examine yourself for truth, love and peace,
Can you forgive the old past and welcome a renewable future?

We can always start again and see differently,
Forgiveness is the pathway to hope,
To a new future without limits,
A new earth rise,
Is the summit of humanity’s plight.


Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”