Independent Social Media and Freedom of Speech – Planet X

I found this YouTube video interesting as the author of the channel is raising important questions about freedom of speech and censorship. This is the tension between government and ruling elite seeking to control the news media and the right of citizens to use their talents to report on subjects they think are important.  What I find of concern is the use of the word ‘fake news’ to decide who those in authority believe are worth hearing or not. This is a form of censorship that controls what we are exposed to and what we think.

There are voices who speak of democracy but they are becoming less and less as the true essence of democracy is freedom of speech and the right to choose what you consume.  As experienced freedom diminishes and world views become manipulated by vested interests – is this what our civilisation wants  People are seeking the truth and they want to govern their lives and have the freedom to say what they believe.  This mixing it up of viewpoints enables us to choose what we think and debate it openly rather than being fed misinformation or fake news from authorities pretending they are acting in the public interest. Societies around the world are waking up to deception.

So who is the authority that all should listen to?

I choose to listen to my own intuition and decide for myself without censure.  I personally have been censured and I have seen beyond the mask of those who pretend they are decent, law abiding persons when in truth they are seeking to further their own interests without any duty of care for the human rights of others.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”