Putin: The World is Being Pulled in a Irreversible Direction

I found this speach by just playing on Google.  I am curious, feeling for power in the world. What I love about YouTube is you can now access different viewpoints from the US narrative.  The Russians can provide another perspective and provide insights and challenge US Government rhetoric and how they envisage what is happening in the world.  It is an emerging form of international democracy as freedom of speech is expanded to reveal more information about the current state of play.  Critiques are an essential part of democracy as it provides counter-views which provide a clearer overall picture. He clearly is concerned about a unipolar singular power with dominant weaponry enabling power to be exercised without a counter balance. This the notion of shared power can act as a check and balance to power.  All power has to be checked, critiqued and open to scrutiny in order to ensure tyranny does not expand unchecked. We all are aware about what happened in the Second World War with extremism or totalitariansim (fascism).  So this raises questions of the balance of power and by extention I would say how the world political community responds to what is perceived as threats to humanity. Beyond this video is the question of how the world can work together to ensure the equal and balanced power to serve humanity.  This narrative is still formulated in the narrative of threats and the belief that World Peace can only be maintained by weaponry and balanced power. There are new narratives arising in respect of the Law of Attraction (what you think about you bring about) and transformative peace where we transform inner conflict to enable us to see the world in our image.  The reverse happens when you see enemies and then prepare defence against attack.  So for the moment this is the current viewpoint of security in the world.  

A few interesting points I’ve interpreted from his discourse, as follows:  

* US has ballistic missiles with a 1,000km range or more.  (I contemplated the rhetoric of North Korea)

* US pulled out of the 1972 Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty

* US has a base in Romania, he asks why?

* Iran is not a nuclear threat

* They were considered not cooperative in arms control

* He indicates dishonesty 

* Missile defence and offence as part of a defence system

* The ballistic missiles can be easily changed from non-nuclear to nuclear by a program, this is considered a threat. US paused ballistic missile development

* Russian need to defend themselves then packaged as aggression

* Maintain the necessary strategic balance of power

* Balance of power guaranteed the safety of humanity

* Mutual threat guaranteed mutual peace 





Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”