A Higher Court of Natural Justice Decides the Justice of the Peace for All


A Higher Court of Natural Justice Decides the Justice of the Peace for All


What is Justice?

Is it a hearing?

Is it evidence based?

Is it legal representation?

Is it to speak the truth, 
the whole truth 
and nothing but the truth?

So help me God!


I walk through the High Court of Australia,

Warm carpets of tangerine,

Paintings of Queen and country,

A profile of the High Court Justices,

A line up of men and few women,

I think of the feminine and masculine,

Logic and emotional intelligence rebalancing,

For I know to balance the scales of justice,

She must stand blind to prejudice,

Deaf to False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR),

And unable to speak untruths,

For the truth in the highest courts of justice,

Set all free.


A walking meditation on justice for 15 years,

I contemplate fairness as all being equal before the law,

I wonder at the language of lawyers and why it is about winning or losing but not learning?

I sit with conflict resolution as a solution to emotional turmoil as the soil of discontent,

I reflect on the fate of the many who toil,

At the hands of the few who do not recoil,

For the decision for power or conscience is the litmus test of genuine democracy.


The Magna Carta is displayed as the foundation stone of justice,

Human rights are the Charter that recites the letter of the law,

Yet can those with letters give wise counsel?

For the right to be human suppresses a silent scream for freedom,

Injustice is deception parading as innocence with eloquence in tandem,

When demonization becomes the brush that smears the true picture,

There is no charity or clemency when winning the argument is the ends justifying the means,

As truth becomes the barrier to unfettered greed and misdeeds,

That can be buried alive when precedent becomes the gavel of injustice.

As I sit in the highest court in silent repose,

I feel prose arising to uncover the song lines,

I am impartial as I feel for suppression orders …

I ask do orders suppress …


The freedom of movement,

The freedom of speech,

The freedom to a fair trial,

When threatened by the revealing of truth?


I ask earnestly …

What of equality of all before the law?

What happens when legal aid is not available to the poor?

What of equity and equality subverted?

For lawyers are word smiths where truth can be perverted,

Allegations can be false evidence spun as ignorance is converted,

Is justice fairness?   OR   dispensed by expensive lawyers?

Are lawyers there to resolve conflict  OR  to win a fight?

Why must words angrily degenerate in to abuse?  What of honour and respect?

Is this not violating the human right of freedom from fear and persecution?

How can negative words be the liberator of truth?

For fear and truth are not bedfellows,

Fear shuts down, hides, conceals and leaves,

Love heals, reveals, shares and stays,

So is justice fear or love?

Only love reveals true answers,

As justice purifies the guilty heart,

Illuminating a way out of the darkness obscuring our shared humanity.


I feel the Roman Coliseum as the modern forum for Agora’s of discord,

Where intellectuals joust for fame and titles,

The poor entertain spectators,

As wins become trophies and reputation as people are trials and tribulations,

In conflict that never end wars but impose control orders as retribution as solutions,

Social order is the legislated purpose,

Yet an order imposes without truth or resolution,

A jail term restricts without learning wisdom,

For the true transformation occurs in the heart of realisation,

And this resides within indigenous lore,

For the spirit of justice is natural law,

Karma is the cycle and the circle completing,

For what you do to another always returns to the self,

In this life or the next,

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,

Relativity rebalances the karmic scales,

Where in the end no-one fails to learn the lesson,

For life is in-session,

As the real school without walls,

For when one falls down,

Wisdom helps us up to our feet 
empowering change by example,

Punishment pushes us to our knees to repent,

As fear and control cannot evoke conscience,

For the heart resides in the seat of the soul,

Appealing for the resolution of ALL conflict,

For it is the responsibility of those that know to tell the blind horseman on the blind horse that he is heading towards the abyss,

As justice is not being seen to be done 

but must be done and then be seen,

As visibility,

Fairness and equality are the horseman that can see further than self interest,

Resurrecting a renewable Magna Carta of the 21st century,

A noble roundtable where all have a seat and a say,

For all are responsible for truth and justice in the pursuit of real happiness,

And this is the justice of the peace,

That brings real peace into justice.



Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”