Do you Want a Big Time OR a Fun Time?

This song reflects the song of the ego.  It is the desire to be bigger and better or as they say ‘larger than life’. You have the big house, the cars, the wealth, the luxury, the freedom and the girls will just throw themselves at you. Trump had this view I recall in his famous statement on the bus regarding the actress he wanted.  Yet those needs are never enough, they keep desiring more and more as the fulfillment never comes.  An empty space opens from within as you are filling the gaps within with things.  The gaps in truth are detachment from the emotional body awareness.  We seek outside ourselves to immune ourselves from those dark negative moments that keep arising when it quietens down.  

Presence is the bridge back to who we are.  It fulfills the more it feels the truth within.  This is selflessness that is open to infinite possibilities.  This is the rainbow bridge back home to who we really are.  Once you cross this bridge you can never return to the material life.  As you see through the illusion.  Some may find that worrying if their lives are invested in the things and the dollars that replicate like uncontrolled cell division (cancer).  Greed is the energy of this cell division which amplifies separation. Of course the ego and separation are a state of doing that is part of the game of life.  The bells ringing right now is the return to the real fulfillment and this is coming from an internal navigation that is moving humanity. It is natures call, as nature is intelligent design and homeostasis is the DNA that moves us to unite. It has nothing to do with individuals, cultures, cults, trends, movements it is a natural change that Gaia’s rhythmn is actualising. Thus…

The song of the heart is all about real fun.  You can have a party living in poverty, no career, no partner, no status as this is the song of fulfillment.  You are not empty as you have found the abundance within yourself.  I have found this and it is unbelieveably enjoyable.  I find each day the most amazing unfoldment. You become open to all of it as life expressing.

I love Peter Gabriel and the creativity of these video clips.  It succinctly shows the game of stuff and not enough.  The other clips are about ego, sex, status and relationships between men and women. This is indeed the illusion.

The second song I just found love it, Steam.  Are you building up a head of steam?

 I decided to add this video of Peter Gabriel – The Blood of Eden – essentially I feel it as the darkness of man and his search for the female within himself. Perhaps the woman is seeking for the man within herself. Ultimately it is union. This is integration of the feminine and the masculine which will usher in peace on earth. At this time one suppresses the other. Both are crying.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”