A Child’s Cry for the Environment

I was at a talk featuring an academic and business panel on Sustainability and Ethics in business.  The panel discussed organisational conflicts and definitions of sustainability and ethics but none really understood what is at stake in the world, the natural system.  I saw people just viewing the topic from their own viewpoint, not having a holistic viewpoint.  No-one talked about whether business could actually sustain with nature (in balance for future generations) rather they spoke of what ethics means and the problems in speaking up.  Not irrelevant I might add but not fully conscious of what sustainability really means.

I met a young girl afterwards who allowed me to read her poem, I felt the experts needed to listen to it.  We get so caught in our heads, we really don’t feel the reality of the natural world and how we continually take from it without replacement (sufficient).  Our busyness and disconnection with our true nature is what we can’t see.  We don’t understand the natural rhythms and how integral the natural world is to our wellbeing and sense of happiness.  I guess we just wait until people get it.  This little girl got it!  I really liked her noticing people don’t smile, the health issues and feeling the problem from the animals perspective.  That would never have emerged from the adults.  I was not lost on how lost adults are.




The sky shines blue in all its splendor

The luscious wildlife, its only contender

The bushes surrounding leave plenty of cover

I watch as they begin to discover


Their skin is a dark brown display

They dance around in a colourful array

All the men begin to venture

For food and water on their trencher


As the world evolves day by day

I hope that we can keep it this way


There was dust and smoke flying around

From the trees deceased on this ground

And bringing on a deadly sin

the New people have settled in


There are now crops and sheds

And different people making breads

Foreign creatures begin to arrive

Native creatures struggle to thrive


As the world evolves day by day

I hope that we can keep it this way


I glide across the crying sky,

Watching suburban lives tick by.

So much has happened in such little time.

The toxic pollution, the biggest crime.


An ocean of rooftops not a single crack

That’s all there is to the horizon and back

“Not a single day goes by, where the superior creatures let the earth lie”

Said the winged creature with a sigh.


As the world evolves day by day,

I hope that we can keep it this way.


I am a bird and I fly up high

Only to see a smoke filled sky

The smoking chimneys are much like trees,

But for the air they produce that is not to breathe.


Within these nests of stone and brick,

Reside large creatures that look quite sick

With no feathers, beaks or wings,

These creatures damage many things



Where forests covered land a plenty,

The ground cover now is empty

My home is no more; I’ve nowhere to nest…

Perhaps flying on and away is for the best…


As the world evolves day by day

I hope we can keep it this way.


A sea of people rushing from place to place

Not a single smile on ones face

A powerful country driven by wealth

Failing to acknowledge each other’s health


The sky now dim in the gloom

The superior creatures awaiting their doom

A dark grey cloud was quickly released

Poof! And the bird lay there, deceased


As the world evolves day by day,

I hope we stop destroying it this way

Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”