Is the Mainstream Media Errr….Bullshit!!

I have to laugh at this.  It is interesting I don’t have a t.v. and I can say I am spending my time more productively.  I housesat for a friend and watched her t.v. and video’s and to be honest it was boring.  I got home and started to listen to Lao Tzu ancient chinese philosopher in an audio book speaking about the Dao of life.  I found that uplifting and reminded me not to get a t.v. I choose to live my life to my highest potential. Watching films whilst it can be relaxing I find it puts my mind into a alpha state. I prefer beta brain wave activity. Having said that I understand why people do sit down and blob out, I know they are tired. Yet just bare in mind with the television there is much conditioning that happens when you watch the same images over and over, it can condition your thought to believe the world is unsafe. When I gave up television for 6 months whilst I was living in London, I found my fear levels dropped. I realised that what you put into your brain does affect your life, particularly children. I started walking at night again and felt great. No fear. I love that feeling. So just be aware of the bullshit out there and if you can go for the peaceful stuff I guarantee your life will change. There is a theory that asserts what we think of (enough) we attract. It is called the law of attraction, so if you think negatively all the time, guess what, it can happen. So if the collective society all believes that life is dangerous then people become overly cautious of those they don’t know, or they stay locked inside. I was told that old people particularly lock themselves up as they are afraid. We do need to start to create community and remind people that there are great people out there. By all means have some caution but don’t let it stop you from living your wonderful life.

So here is a amusing take on … well err… the mainstream bullshit, which hasn’t changed much in all these years.  Still the same ‘ol  …. Well you can either laugh or cry or the best thing I feel, is turn off the t.v. and start to make your own life newsworthy. Everyone has a story, but most don’t realise it until funerals. We are seeing more people on the internet as citizen journalists, bloggers and on facebook – so many interesting postings. I find I am really interested in the voice of the people not those interpreting others.

I was listening to the Choir of Hard Knocks today and inspired by the vision of Jonathan Welsh who is a singer and conductor, internationally reknowned. He spoke of putting on a documentary about this amazing Choir of people from the streets. The documentary was about their lives. He went to SBS and ABC television and no-one took up the story. To be fair on ABC they did do a 5 part documentary in 2007. I sat in the audience seeing the smiles and confidence these people were gaining because one man decided to make a difference in their lives. I guess the mainstream media wouldn’t be ‘bullshit’ if it really chose to focus on what ordinary and positive people do. People are interested in good news stories. So many good news stories but we end up with the fatalities, the court cases, the pollies, the wars and what is wrong with the world. I would suggest to the media that good news does sell and people are indeed tired of the negative news that is non stop. Let’s create a world full of hope and inspiration. The choir has just changed its name to the Choir for Hope and Inspiration, I think that reflects where we are all going. Enjoy the laugh below, please do not take the media seriously, the real world is not anything like that image, it is far greater from my experience. It is full of wonderful people doing great things every day.



Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”