Stanley Kubric Making Surrealism Real

I am watching a documentary on Stanley Kubrick tonight.  I am astounded at how surreal he is and abstract using numbers, images, metaphors in his films to convey deeper meaning.  I was surprised to learn that the shining is really a metaphor for all suffering, all victims and the denial of these atrocities.  How else can events repeat, people are not learning as they are not facing and looking for the real meaning.

It is mentioned in the documentary that the moon landing was faked, they showed moon shots from other movies and critique about the cinematography.

I just searched for information.  This was the first document I saw.

I see metaphor in life and I am very open to what life shows.  I recall at my last house sit.  I was due to be somewhere at a certain time so had some time up my sleeve. So I turn the TV which I never do during the day.  Stanley Kubrick a Space Odyssey was on at the point where the artificial intelligence, Hal was reading the lips of the astronauts and logically was deciding to terminate them before he is decommissioned.  I was not lost on the irony of this as I was looking at AI.  I was impacted by Hal and never forgot which shows you how powerful Stanley was, indeed prophetic.

I am a poet so metaphor in many respects is my natural language, you could say the invisible becomes visible or denial becomes visibility.  The natural talent of the artist is to reveal what can’t be seen, it is the truth that his hidden by the lies we tell ourselves.  Apparently Stanley Kubrick tried to connect humanity to the inhumanity of the holocaust as for many they cannot grasp the horror of it.

There can be fear around artists as they reveal humanity to itself, yet beyond that is love taking theperson to the mirror to see an aspect they do not want to see.  Yet when courage leads you to step through the door (denial) a gift awaits.  I have seen this as a portal.  So what we fear, resist, suppress is really fear shutting the oppressor down from themselves, believing it is the other.  They fear looking into that mirror, yet it is essential for healing.

Here is a video of Stanley Kubrick.  An incredible artist and filmmaker.  It is unfortunate today many films are polytechnic and violent without the depth that humanity craves for.  For it is not in telling the story it is evoking insight into the Self that is the real gift by those who have the talent to lead people through the door.  The question for them is do they want to look at the wonder of who they are, really.

If I feel inspired tomorrow (1.37am now) I may write a poem as I really felt inspired by the depth, being reminded to look for the positive even in the darkest scenes of life.  We are on a fascinating journey.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”