Patch Adams Movie and the Importance of Humanity

I send love to those behind the scenes who recognised the importance of humanity, humour and promoting of extraordinary humans.  Although Patch Adams did say in Russia ‘people think what we do is extraordinary in a violent world, it is ordinary in a normal world’.  I always remember those words.  It is incredible that love has to be a revolution, rather than a natural state of being.  How far we have moved from our true selves.

Love is what is needed in our world, it is not ideal, it is our true reality when we embrace service over taking.  To bring this damaged human family together and to assist in remembering who we really are.  To make a child or adult smile, for me, has been the most wonderful experience of my life and it reminds me of what is normal when I encounter indifference, cruelty, unkindness and power seeking.  When I connect to humility, kindness, generosity and humanity I remember REAL HOPE.

The clowns are a reminder of the part of ourselves that is deemed silly, disrespectful, foolish, crazy, funny, embarrassing, disruptive and goodness.  To love humanity is a privilege and for those of us who see through the façade, we know there is great beauty in every face as the reality of who we are.  Our potential is unlimited when we connect to love.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”