Google: Eric Schmidt “Is It We Solve” Me-me or We-we

Is it about being smart or wise?  Which are you?  Life is not about who you travel with, it is about travelling through life as you.  When you learn that you may wrong, that is the beginning of a very interesting journey for you.  It is the beginning of wisdom.

In my view it is not about invention it is about creating who you are, this is not a technological innovation but a human evolution. Technology is the tool not the rule. Do we need more and more ideas or is less more? Quality or quantity.

I am always open to talk to you, as life is not two way street not a one way tracking and profiling process.

I send you love, peace and truth.  Life is not about luck, it is all meant to be.

Here is my future…it is my wish for you.  Can I awaken the fool I wonder…

The Future: A New Sensation


Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”