Help Homeless As They are You We are ONE

My friend Caroline made this video.  I love it.  It is in honour of Global Oneness Day 24 October.   I send this to all those who walk past in indifference to the other members of our community, who may benefit from a smile or contribution.

I envisage a future where them and us disappears into the mist of our collective illusions of separation.  May we come to see what you do to another you do to yourself.  So what you do, who you are, is what makes a difference.  We don’t care what you own or the money you made, it is who you are that is the greatest gift to humanity.  We are waiting to see who you become.

We are awakening and it is not a person, a group, indeed it is the collective consciousness that has chosen.  Nothing on this earth can stp this awareness as it is beyond thought.

Love is a force more powerful than anything on earth.  It is the very essence of humanity and it is not destroyable.  It is only expandable. The feeling of no love is the darkness some feel in moments of great despair, then some light comes and we start to feel happier, we feel some hope coming like a drop of water in a drought.  Those who display this love are simply living in the truth of who they are, they see themselves in others, they see the beauty and there is nothing more connecting then this awareness.  Every single person is playing their part, living out their lives in infinite diversity.  Imagine a consciousness that experiences all of it, that permeates all life force. Science can’t detect this or measure this, but when you are sensitive you know as you sense intelligence that is life itself.  A biologist will marvel at the organic world and the perfection of this creativity that is boundless.  It is a gift to be alive.  I feel the gift.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”