Do You Have the Courage to Question YOUR beliefs to Realise Kindness?

The Work of Byron Katie inspires insights into who we really are.  She would be termed an awakened teacher. This video is shutdown, the message is saying it is a private video, but Byron Katie would never make her videos private, so her voice is being silenced.  But anyone who knows The Work would ask is that true?  So just know from the videos of Byron Katie are questioning thoughts, as no stressful thought is true. When we questioning our negative and stressful thinking all that is left is love.  You are free to love life in all its forms.  That is the beginning of peace. So how do I know you do not need to see this video, it is not there. How do I know I was meant to write this message, I am typing.  So the visitor is not to see the video but read the message.  That is how life works.

If you want to see Byron Katie’s videos just go to her website, she is undoing the thoughts that divide all of us, as there are no new stressful thoughts.  She is without doubt awake.  If you asked her she would say “I don’t know”.  It is only you that can set yourself free

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”