Why do more Men than Women write about Science & Technology

This is one perspective from the Conversation.  I will share my perspective beneath as it comes to me.

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Our Science and Technology stories are hugely popular – but who writes them? Academics, yes – and more men than women.

Only 28% of authors writing on science and technology for The Conversation in 2017 were female. We’ve made some inroads on this gender gap over 2018 – but we’re looking for your help to narrow this further.

Why? Because we value women’s research and expertise. Unique perspectives are interesting. Evidence-based stories from fresh voices create diversity in our understanding of important issues.

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Sarah Keenihan

Section Editor: Science + Technology


From my perspective it is because women are wired differently.  I feel the natural wiring of women is socio-emotional intelligence.  We have expertise in the human condition. That is why you see more women engaged in community work that directly relates to people.  Men tend to be wired (left brain) and for them maths and science is their interest.  They think in a linear process which lends itself to calculation, logic, boxes and controllable results.  Women tend to be lateral, relational, expansive, ideas oriented and intuitive. These are very important talents but typically not valued in a structured world view.  The feminine is about humanity.  So if we hard wire this out of our children, interactions, values then we lose humanity as a whole.  It would mean the end of civilisation in my view, that is how important humanities are.  I believe it is this imbalance towards the masculine that is leading us to this cliff or what Lao Tzu calls the abyss.  That is the one issue never addressed as worldviews are dominant and perceived as ‘right’ or ‘economic’ or ‘growth’ oriented rather than sustainable, lateral, integral, inclusive and synergistic.   I can even feel the difference as I write as I am so tuned into my inner feeling now.  My own navigation is practiced not shut down so my focus and insights change.

Do we need science and technology?

The answer depends on what you believe.

If it is economic and money oriented the answer would be definitely YES. As the cyber world opens up more and more opportunities to make money.

If it is civilisation, the answer is NO.  Why, because the imbalance is out of harmony with earth systems and humanity is losing its connection through technology not only with each other but with the planet.  This is the real sensing (inner technology) that automatically pulls us up as we can feel the changes are out of balance.  This is deeply problematic as the tipping points have certain calibrations or tolerances that enable stability biologically speaking.  If these are breached which is what is happening now unintended consequences happen.  We move into a reality that we have neve been.  Now some will exploit this ‘uncertainty’ or ‘disruption’ with notions of more control.  In truth it is less control that is the solution.  It is not a statement of dissent it is an awareness of what works and what does not.  I want to see our civilisation survive and thrive, it can easily become coopted by fear, greed and violence as everyone becomes a potential problem rather than a collective solution.

The idea of the cup is half empty or half full depends again on worldviews.  I feel the cup half full, indeed overflowing when we tap into our full potential. I do not feel competition is needed for innovation, I believe inspiration and life purpose becomes the pathway to higher excellence.  It freedom of thought becomes the modus operandi I believe our civilisation can advance in ways beyond belief.  However, it takes an open mind stepping outside of conventional mechanistic thinking that enables those types of insights to be seen.  It is like a mind map, we can go in any direction, if we tune into the heart based intelligence it leads us to stability. Why?  Because life is the unifier, it is the essential essence that leads people to investigate for truth, to see themselves in each other, to step into the middle and compromise, to make way for others, to share the bounty to save lives through self sacrifice.  That is what love does.

I learned something interesting recently which surprised me.  Everyone is operating from love.  Instantly you think no they don’t and simply review all the injustices.  Yet even from the perspective of those who undertake cruel and indifferent actions, they too come from a perspective of what they ‘love’.  It just becomes distorted through fear.  I felt that intuitively some time ago when I realised those engaged in what I would perceive as harmful activities were writing perspectives that sounded similar to me.  I did laugh as words like ‘peace’, ‘transformation’, ‘betterment of society’ and other words were there.  I realised the prism they peered through was the distortion.  In essence they wanted what I wanted but their filter if you like was shrouded by negativity which changed the product/service/activity to be one of defensive rather than inclusive.  I saw that the only differences were really intent.  I realised if the intent is love based as a primary motivator then the outcome will be unifying and beneficial, if the intent is fear based as a primary motivator then the outcome will be dividing and harmful.  It was clear to me.  The challenge for humanity is with the latter as we have the ability to destroy our planet 4 times over.  We have the capacity to divide all nations, to control the world’s people’s without any morality as a notion of full spectrum dominance becomes the underlying objective.  I note the words ‘under’ and ‘lying’.  I imagined full spectrum allowance through the filter of deep love for all as one.  I just felt the 3 muskateers as a metaphor (all for ONE and ONE for all).  So the all-encompassing objective is to allow the full spectrum of feeling to express.  The issue of ‘dominance’ is to control all things.  This is actually not possible in truth.  It is coming from a mind set that believes through technology and information gathering their is greater ability to detect the threat and neutralise it.  However, 6 billion people cannot be controlled and life does not consist of linear simplistic attitudinal and behavioural levers to be pulled this way and that way for a result, like a rail guage.  It is a spiritual/emotional/physical or if you like, mind/body/spirit as the three in ONE, a triune.  So on a spiritual level we are here for a purpose which is outside of any control paradigm.  All are equal in potentiality, all here to live out some experience.  So to control all like widgets is coming from a mechanistic mindset that never raised kids.  I didn’t, but I do know that when you seek to control your children they rebel.  Why? because freedom is hard wired, no matter any IT technology reformatting neural networks.  The desire for freedom is the basic blueprint of humans.  It is really about loving ‘what is’ or reality in its natural state of being.  This is allowance.  It means things come and go.  It means you act as you feel, you let go as you don’t know or own anything.  You are not in control of life. To control takes a lot of energy to maintain that control as the parties are unwilling given incentives, monetary rewards and other modes of motivation.  When they are willing and enjoying their experience they naturally flow and go into the zone (oblivious of time).  Not only will life expand in interesting ways but it produce more shared wealth as love is generosity, love is sharing and the pie expands as it is fun, this is very dynamic energy.  It is the opposite to fear/control paradigms which live in a form of poverty mentality, conservatism, seriousness, limits believing there is never enough and ensuring more is secured for the self.  The ego latches on to perceived identity attaching to things as symbols of success, the more the bigger one feels, that is how ego works silently.  The person with the ego may not know these motivations are grounded in ‘not enough’.  Yet it is a false wealth not a real inner wealth which is felt as joy and enthusiasm.

So I just felt to share the feminine which exists equally in women and men (no order here of better than). I am demonstrating how this feeling/thinking/intuitive intelligence flows as distinct from the science/tech mindsets that feel a false control through cyber realities (0,1) which do project like an unlimited reality.  I can understand why this is attractive to those involved.  I can understand how excited they feel about the potential and money to be made.  However, my work here is to offer another perspective to remind people of their humanity and the fact without it they cannot exist.  The cyber world is NOT the real world it is a contrived holographic space that appears controllable and many get caught up in the iteractions rather than the related participation of end users and how it impacts their life.  It is not a real world in truth and it is highly intrusive.

I am not opposed to using science and technology for the betterment of humans, I am typing on technology and using it for what I feel as a higher purpose.  I am not paid to write my blogs or produce my videos or work 7 days a week for a future I feel that unlocks happiness in my view. I just feel moved by my nature to do this out of love.  See love is free-dom (free dominion).  We are not at a point where we can believe that the abundance does not rest in money or bitcoin but in loving each other and allowing life to show up as a natual unfoldment.  It is the invisible bounty I feel deeply and have experienced and witnessed.  The results of how people just naturally give to each other when fear is no longer an issue, when they realise the inner richness from interaction and learning.  Today they shutdown as fear dictates a world that is dark, scary, unsafe – nothing is further from the truth.  We actually live in a world full of promise, potential and infinite possibilities.  We have realised at the quantum level, that scientists have discovered, that the viewer and what is viewed is not seperate, that in fact the view of reality changes given the way s/he chooses to see based on fear/love.  This comes from a love based or fear based perspective.  So the world literally splits into two worlds – one of loving kindness manifesting and the other of fear and violence manifesting.  I recall as an analyst I did focus groups and it was fascinating to ask about a product and how the viewpoints were so diverse as each came from their own experiences, beliefs, personality, mood and natual diversity. They did not see the same.  However, if we put a humanitarian issue in front of them you will find there is nearly a universal response with varying degrees given emotional configurations. Each will notice different aspects of the scene but an underlying sense of humanity will be similar. This is why values are critical for unity on this planet, that will not be programmed in through downloads and rewriing. We are incredibly sensitive and beautiful in our inner worlds.  I have seen in it thousands of faces when I clowned.  The mask came down for me.  I saw into the heart of humanity and I cannot describe how beautiful it was.

So we all get to choose the future.  I choose humanity through technology as it feels ‘good’.  I just wrote ‘humanity over technology’ but felt to change it to ‘through’.  I am looking through technology to see the human as my primary vision.  The human is the source of life not technology.

I can love a piece of technology but I see the universe in every human.  Now the question for you is – is that the literal truth?  Every poet and artist knows instantly.


Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”