Is this a Wake Up Call?

This video just showed up.  This is going to bake your noodle.

Today the theme I have felt inspired to explore is to ‘wake up’.  I just followed the links and it brought me to this one.  It has a matrix theme and extraterrestrials.  I love the statement at the end “what a mind job so you are here to save the world what do you say to something like that?”  There is a recording saying at the end anyone watching this is not from here. What do you think or feel about that?

My feeling is we are all from here but at the same time hypnotic regressions are revealing we have lived elsewhere as the real self is spirit, energy transfers.

The key questions are – What is true?  Who are we?  What do we believe?  

My feeling is to follow yourself.  Your life is your message.

We all get to choose is often what I write and what it means is that life is a great diversity and a great unity and I cannot say what is true or not, I can only invite exploration.

Many speak of the awakening and yet there is wisdom that says we are already awake but believing we are not.  I have come to understand that we are where we are meant to be. Our awareness, our lives, our beliefs, religion, education etc.  There is no-where to go but be now-here.   You are now here so you are meant to be.

This video would represent a paradigm shift.  Not unlike the belief that the world is flat and the disbelief that it could be round and that we could live on the surface of a sphere and not fall off.  The Fool is to step off the cliff of what is known.

The key as I see it is to release fear.  Perhaps love really is the answer.  What do you feel?  Interestingly, it has 2 million hits.


Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”