Who Are We? Are We Dust in the Wind?

This song shows my age but I absolutely love this song.

I see more in this song than I did originally.  I now see dust in the wind as ‘ashes to ashes dust to dust’ that is where we end up.

I did research in a graveyard.  As part of my desk research I went to the graveyard and looked at the gravestones.  I saw such love from family members.  I looked into their beautiful faces and contemplated  they are no longer on this earth.  Their bodies went to dust.  However, their spirit didn’t.

What I felt when there was to make the most of life.  Do not waste it.  I work every day, I am unpaid for what I do as I feel such a intense desire to work for peace and humanity.  I just feel this ismy work – I do it paid or unpaid.  I don’t care.  I will live without food to ensure I keep working.

We sometimes beleive it all stays the same as routine cultivates a belief in sameness, yet in truth change is happening in each moment.  We just got caught up in the routine.  Then we turn 50.

I feel a youthful energy that inspires me.  I don’t mind if I leave either.  This latter feeling means I don’t live to live, I live to give such is my passion for humanity.  Death in truth happens in each moment.  I believe death is a door opening, a portal if you like to far more.  Life is eternal.




Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”