Art a Fast Breeder ReaCtor or Creator? (C first)

We either reaCt or we Create.  When you C first you Create rather than react.  That is evolution.

The beginning of this song introduces the seeds and womb of life.  The sexual attraction in life is natural.  Attraction is recognition on some level.  This type of energy pulls people to each other.

It is so strong because it is transferring the blueprint of life that is the mixing up of DNA – Deoxyribonucleic acid.  A chemical interestingly enough.  So we are moved by our bio-chemical reactions.  As we become inspired new pathways open up, new insights, creativity just flows in search of a higher rhythm.  It is about expansion of experience.

We did not make us!

The sledgehammer can shatter the illusion.  The arts enable us to see differently as we create what we want to see and see what others create.  I found in my work I can see what is not visible.  I see through my feeling.  When I see I know.  I don’t believe.  It is a little like when you are working on something really hard, you put it to the side and then suddenly an idea flashes in. This is the higher knowledge.

Peter Gabriel is singing about sex but the video is not.

I outline what the video means to me below.  Lets play with the messages as I interpret it.  You will see differently which is great.  I don’t want you to see my way, I want you to see your way.  That is love.

  • The sperm and egg creates life
  • The blood supply is in the rhythm of the heart and sex
  • Gets his attention he is thinking and he is suddenly noticing and listening to that rhythm
  • His face is in the rhythm
  • The steam train is about sex but you have to lay down your tracks (preparation)
  • You can have what you want when you bring your happiness back (blue sky)
  • He is saying call me I will give you what you want
  • He uses a theme park for fun
  • He will break the ice (frozen, paralysed)
  • His testimony (promise)
  • Fruit is sweetness
  • Bees and honey
  • He wants to go there, note the wall image again and the little box to see through
  • He wants to break out
  • Fishes – emotion and freedom
  • He is beating himself up
  • Yin and Yang (feminine and masculine)
  • Waters
  • She’s in his head (head tips open)
  • Love is on his mind
  • Painting lots of colours, could become anything, he is creating
  • The egg becomes the chicken (love the basted one dancing) which is about nakedness on stage
  • He is impressing her, in the spotlight
  • Both of them naked (one chicken slightly smaller)
  • He’ll kick the habit (maybe more women [could be female perspective here])
  • Women around him suggests he likes lots of women
  • But he will shed his skin (clothes) and reveal himself under the layers (interesting)
  • He wants to feel the power
  • People moving (men and women all types)
  • Furniture moving even uni cycle (like that touch)
  • Dynamic and restless
  • Falls asleep in front of a door which opens
  • Stars appear
  • He is the stars
  • The universe.

Like any good piece of art the viewer decides what it means as we derive from art what we relate to and the unconscious parts of ourselves.  The arts stimulate us to look within and identify another way of seeing, to break out of boxes, to feel fully who we are, to imagine what can be, to feel alive without limits.  Sexuality is really about union of the masculine and feminine (feeling of completeness), it is merging, losing the self, transcending to the zero point of creation itself.  It is the point of creation in truth. That is how incredible humans are but we limit this expression by stories, some fairly base and miss the mystery of the utter beauty of the human condition.

That is why humanities is essential for the future of our world.  It is not a political ideology, it is the nature of the human being that creates a lived reality through imagination and inspiration and this can go anywhere, off on any tangent when allowed. As an artist it is very exciting.  You tune out as you go into the zone as your write, paint, compose as this is the present moment where all creativity flows.

It is the real freedom and power we all seek.  It is to do this not at the expense of others but to be inspired by those others to reach for this.  If they are different this is even better as you will experience another dimension of yourself.  If you play it safe you will never know your true self which is incredible.  The wildness is the part we haven’t trained, it is the risk taking not perceived to be managed but to be grabbed onto and to leap from that cliff without thinking (sponteneity) that is how we break from fear.  I did this travelling the world.  It is to go with gut instinct, natural prompts and unfurl creativity as it is allowed to express without being shutdown by others fear.  That is what is really wild.  It is incredible to know this.  This is the centre peace of who we are.  It cannot be taken, destroyed or removed it is in the human spirit and it is available to everyone.  All are creative, just look at children before they are conditioned.  Imagine where we could go if creativity was fostered not as a business objective but as a exploration into the unknown to experience even greater expressions of ourselves.

I love that possibility.  May you find this higher love and allow your kite to fly.










Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”