Are You Comfortably Numb?

The video by Pink Floyd sums up the reality of drugs.

People escape into drugs, alcohol, TV, cable, lap tops, iPads, sex or hobbies in order to not deal with the complexity of life.  It is to escape.  Some are disconnected emotionally from the real life as they were taught to suppress their feelings and then they become in a sense remote viewers.  I encourage speaking up as it releases frustration, fear and clarifies misunderstanding.  It is not to fear the discussion it is to encourage as people teach each other about themselves.  To know thyself is critical for inner peace.

The suppression of people is a primary driver of why they take drugs as they are not able to feel anymore, they can’t cry to get out toxins so they seek other ways to feel again.  Sex addiction is often chosen as they feel alive and connected as a temporary fix, that is why prostitution is popular, they seek release.  Many people see addicts but I see self medication and escape from life as it becomes unbearable to cope with.  So people look for refuge. All are refugees to a certain extent.  Some are displaced in their own communities.  Unfortunately the refuge becomes a prison of entrapment as they lose themselves overtime and the very important resiliency diminishes that is naturally there to sustains us.  Resiliency develops from overcome fear.  It is not about managing fear at all.

I have found that by facing every fear, feeling every feeling, facing every pain – no matter the agony, laughing with every joy, allowing my tears, accepting aloneness, I found a strength within myself.  I do not fear suicide and if death comes to me, so be it.  My only hope is I can face it with love and that other.  I have no enemies personally.  Others can judge me, but I am not joining them as my life is dedicated to peace.  I desire to love all people as I believe they do their best.  If you are ignorant, or don’t know that is the reality.  No point saying ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ or punishing them it is far wiser to live by example and show another way.  Ultimately we all get to choose and this is free will.  Life has a way that things return to the sender.  So natural justice does exist.  You may action a consequence which is fine also.  Intent becomes important in these actions – is it revenge, is it to hurt someone or is it about awakening them? Love based actions will produce positive results at some point.  My hope is always a win/win.

So I send love to those who have thought drugs was the pathway to peace and happiness and in the end it may be.  The high diminishes overtime as it was never real love.  Those who profit from this will experience the withdrawal of this when they pass over.  This is not a punishment  it is just life mirroring as we are all here to learn.  We are all connected.  For those who have family who have died of overdoses, know that they learn on the other side.  There is no punishment only learning.  We are here to experience life to the fullest.

Non-judgement and presence returns us to sanity.

I feel a joy that no drug could give me.

Peace and love to you.  All ways.  You are doing your best. You didn’t fail.  Life is experience.

My love is holding you in the light as you experience the highs and lows of your journey.



Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”