Academics Seeking Out Joyful Curiosity

I have to laugh.  My friend put me onto Sadhguru and Google just keeps it going.  What I am finding interesting is that the intellectuals are seeking spiritual enlightenment.  Maybe their realisation is they do not know everything.  I really love that.  This is the beginning of wisdom “I know I do not know”.  Sadhguru has no education. Apparently he didn’t teach his daughter, he allowed life to do it and when you asked him something he answered.  Simplicity is in letting go.

Such a blissful place to be as you become an eternal explorer.  I so love the constant expansion in my own life.  It is not about money (I have $9 in my account) and I am laughing, really.   I have no fear of that.  Byron Katie would say “how do you know you need $9 you got it”.  I would agree.  Much of this is about letting go of the struggle to realise that life has its own natural intelligence it is not about gaining control but mastery.  That is what I have realised as I trust the flow of my own life.

I am not a follower of Sadguru I am a follower of life.  I just post as my feeling points me there.  That is how you surrender to ‘what is’.

Is this for me or you?  If I watch it, it is for me, if I don’t, it is for you.  Sometimes I watch sometimes I just post. Always I am sharing. This is living to give and the currency I live on.  I am caring less which is a good sign.  Yet I love all ways.

I’d like to add as a after thought that there is great wisdom in the uneducated in the east.  I have met incredible people who have no education.  I grew upworking class and realised that insight is a gift.

Sadhguru speaks of health in terms of nourishment.  He speaks of 3 trillion dollars on health care.  India’s economy is $3 trillion. He says you are spending this on 300 million.  He is at Yale University.  He speaks of their schedule and burn out but not feeling it.  He says he won’t burn out or get bored. I relate to that.  I work 7 days a week and I never burn out.  I have endless energy as I am excited doing what I am doing. I am creative so it is fun and I willingly do it.  To give is how I live.  I love to share.  This is my democracy.




Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”