Sadhguru at Harvard University Discussing Memory, Consciousness and Coma

This is an interesting discussion at Harvard University between doctors and a guru discussing memory, consciousness and coma.  Sadhguru comes from his experience.  

Sadhguru is a wonderful teacher of deeper expressions to expand upon what we know to realise what we don’t know.  This is the beginning of wisdom.  To bring together different viewpoints can only expand knowledge.  It is not about competition, it is not about profit, it is about learning and this is the true essence of universities. To venture beyond what is known is the purpose of the intellegencia.  Intelligencia is inclusive of the expand consciousness that we can access every day when the mind and heart is open.  It cannot be accessed by a closed mind.

He may not speak in terms of academic jargon, he speaks in a way that is more akin to the flower opening rather than the book studied.

I have a deep respect for all people, no matter their discipline or orientation.  Together when we come together we can grow and that is very exciting.  It we keep pushing knowledge in without accessing wisdom we are destined to repeat mistakes and defend knowledge like it is the indefensible.  

The key is to not attach to thought.  I understand this.  It is to allow what is, to feel the life force energy.  I find it interesting his comments on artificial intelligence.  I am open to change.  Being wakeful and conscious are two different things he states.   He spoke of the dream state he uses the cinema as an analogy.  The mental faculty running wild with lights off.  the dream is more profound than walking on the street.  He then speaks of a dreamless state, there are dimenions of consciousness you are aware of.  And then there is no memory at all.  Memory is a boundary is a beautiful statement, this is one person this is another.  Memory doesn’t mean what I remember there is a range of memories.  He uses his mango analogy.  Dimenions of memory playing out on a daily basis.  Memory is determining everything.  This is called Karma – residual impact with all the memory you have.  

I really trust the process of life and I note what comes into my reality as life is my teacher.  I am open to all viewpoints as all are ONE.  

I send love and conscious awareness to all. Enjoy the memories.


The doctor at the beginning of the video speaks of the Tacoma bridge as an analogy of how anaesthetic works.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Gentleness, self-sacrifice and generosity are the exclusive possession of no one race or religion.”