You Can Do Anything Fool! Be a Voice for Truth!

This speaks to my heart.  Do you believe you can do anything?  I do.

I send this to those who feel trapped.  Who look out the window and wish you could find what you love and follow your dreams.  Where you ponder why you can’t work for your own future?  Well you can.  Sometimes you have to take a risk to be who you are.  It is okay to be a fool, to go against the tide, to find what is the slipper that fits, to see the beauty not the beast.  It all depends on what you focus on.  

The happier I become the more I feel this incredible optimism.  I feel this desire to just start dancing and singing, I love so deeply. Perhaps this is why I give so much.  I spent so many years working or playing for peace as I feel so inspired by this.  I dreamed I was teaching peace in 1998.  Ever since then I haven’t stopped.  I had moments when things didn’t turn out the way I thought and became dispondent, I wanted to give up, but something within me just wouldn’t. I guess you would call it purpose.  Am I the example of peace? Not always.  Sometimes I get frustrated, annoyed or cry.  But for the most part my heart is very happy and I feel loving kindness towards everyone.  I feel no enemies in this life. Even if others choose to fight me given their fears, I do not feel one negative thought. Always I feel this kindness permeate me as truth.  I am really lucky I don’t dislike anyone, really.  I’ve been like this since a child.  I can see the beauty in this world.  I can see it in the dark, in the light, in the hot and the cold.  I see the potential not as a dream but something awaiting expression.  As an artist the creativity just awaits the feelings to liberate it like the flower opening.  I feel this gratitude when I have enough to eat, when I have shelter, when I can access wireless.  This is deeply living and it is the greatest gift as I see the world turn up.  When you move through life in a state of aloneness you get to witness life turning up.  You are not distracted by commitments, family or partners, you get to move in accordance with your own rhythmn, it is the most amazing freedom.  I have no responsibilty only a sense of service to humanity.  I don’t care if I am paid or not.  I just feel moved to bring love to peple who believe the world is not a nice place. My world is the most beautiful space.  I feel incredibly happy at times and that is when I return to zero point. This is a state of being, it is living in the moment, where I have nothing to do but be who I am.  Nothing more beautiful touches my soul. It is to live as truth which just is without a story.  Simply observing without judgement, allowing life to come and go.  There is nowhere I need to go or anyone I need to be.  I don’t care about old age. I don’t care about being looked after.  I don’t care about my health.  I just love … and this is for me heaven on earth, if this is possible.

Could I hurt anyone, never intentionally.  Why? because the feeling of love opens me to see them as me. This is to look into the essence.  I would rather them experience love of themselves then to hate someone. however, we don’t get this before our time.

Speaking the truth is really important, it is honesty.  It is greatest gift you can give someone whether they like it or not.  Clarity is a gift, reflection is a insight, truth is authenticity.  It is the highest love.  Nothing in life is per chance. I am exploring my voice as I move through this life.  I feel understanding dawning on me because I spoke up.  I never regret that.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”