A Love Letter of Chaos to Jordan Peterson

I wrote this to Jordan.

“You are right you have to know the dark before you find the light.

Does God exist?  Definitely.”

He is facing the shadow in himself (revealing outside himself) as is everyone.  I am all for freedom of speech and clashing it up of different viewpoints. In depth psychology everyone is a mirror. So we see as we are not as they are.  Projection is powerful.  Love for me is God. How do I know that?  I am in love. Truthfully. For the most part (99%) I don’t feel alone.  I am just fascinated by life, I feel full (fool).  I am living in my own truth and I feel deeply happy as I am in alignment with my true self and I no longer mind what others think.

I love chaos as I see order in it.  That is why I wrote REAL HOPE. See www.worldpeacefull.com click on School Programs, Anti-bullying

I remember meeting with Edward de Bono (one of the top 50 thinkers) and he told me God doesn’t think.  I didn’t believe that as my poetry I felt was inspired as I had ideas in it that I didn’t know.  Today I would say he was right.  The stillness is from which my poetry emerges. I wrote this many years ago, no awareness of Jordan.

I send all peace.


A Chaos Theory

International crisis,
Internal crisis,
Is it the same thing?
The world?
Our world,
Is in crisis.

Do we send in peace keepers?
Or rain makers?
Is it possible to keep peace
In a drought of reason?
To disagree is one thing,
To fight with words is another,
For conflict can be resolved,
When both parties are willing.

To arm is one thing,
To use weapons is another,
For abuse is not conflict,
It’s aim is to hurt or kill the other,
For its roots are in the child
With no home or shelter,
For he has cut the flower
From the seed of discontent.

Many are despairing for the question is unsolved,
Conflicts are ongoing,
Arms flourish where food crops used to grow,
Genetically modified flowers,
Have no scent,
They are cut for commercial not culture,
Culture is now the petrie dish that experiments with untruth,
For the truth is true always.

With all rubrics cubes there is another way,
For it seems impossible,
It seems complex,
Yet the key once known is a pattern,
One must be prepared to move in many directions,
For the creative is seldom linear,
For every artist knows they create the picture.

We are not separate from the object under investigation,
We recognise chaos when we see it,
A self repeating pattern seemingly without end,
Yet the object is changed by the observer,
When the observer changes,
So does the picture.

Education, beliefs and concepts construct a scaffolding from which we see,
He sees crisis,
She sees hope,
One sees a group,
Another a community,
One sees the wood for the trees,
The other lives in the forest.

What if you were able to see
And then look?
Do you see impossibility,
Or can you see in-2-possibility,
For where you look you see,
That opportunity is in every breath.

A mothers focus is on children,
A philosophers focus is on questions,
The wise know the answers and say nothing,
For the journey is the answer,
Those in conflict focus on anger,
They seek to find another to blame,
They seek control for they are not-in-control,
They seek power as they are power-less.

The peace maker makes nothing,
For she knows peace already,
There is no inner conflict for she allows all to pass without resistance,
She focuses on peace,
What it looks like,
How it feels,
She returns to it when she drifts,
For she is leading by example,
For one can never know peace in conflict.

Those of peace will take the higher road,
For what you resist persists,
What you look at disappears,
To see yourself in another dissolves division,
For the military forms columns of division,
For fear is the dictator that knows no love,
Love is the weakness that unites the world,
For love is freedom,
Love is power,
And this is the hour of our greatest decision.


Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”