Is there Wisdom in the Fool or is it Foolish to be Wise?

I felt to post my musings as I had a flow of inspiration.  What is wisdom – knowledge applied!


  1. All awakening is is being fully conscious of ourselves. It is coming out of unconscious behaviour that does not serve the person or the other. What you put out comes back. What you give you receive. Universal laws. We harm others we harm ourselves, cyclical. Do you want this?

  2. What is it that holds you in destructive patterns? What is the unconscious belief moving you? Can you identify this? This is why we are unconscious we are not aware of what motivates us, what fear.

  3. Wht if your focus inward brought you more than you can imagine at this point? What if deep listening showed you how to be happy, to be peaceful, to be more. What if this was the real abundance outside of material need? Would you go there?

  4. We created through capitalism this hierarchical control structure, we did this for efficiency to control. We forgot democracy as superiority/inferiority arose through positions. We were trained to respond to power not conscience. This is why the world economy is collapsing.


    When we become corrupt, we take money, we are told we must tow the line then we do not know respect. Respect is not loyalty, respect is equality it is responsibility, empathy, awareness, love, it is REAL. This is how discussions start, then as you show respect, the other mirrors.


    I saw the American Indians in the t-pee smoking a peace pipe. They spoke in turn, they started with respect then spoke their truth. The other acknowledged they were heard. These were advanced people.

  7. Until we get real about peace, respect, integrity then people we not trust you. Real resolutions cannot happen. People will be looking into your eyes trying to work out what you are really doing as they don’t trust you. This cannot be faked. It cannot be negotiated.


    Can you respect those you don’t like? Can you accord your enemy a place at your table? This is a table where all hands are above the table. Are you willing to deeply listen to hear what the real needs and concerns are? Or are you strategic and manipulative to get your way.


    It was Scott Ritter who saw courage in those unarmed, he was right. When you are defenseless and speaking up, you are showing courage. As others can track you, record you, gather data as they fear this openness. Yet what if openness was the doorway to their freedom? from fear…


    He put the people before his own life. This is courage not betrayal. Although those in power felt fear at this revelation as they were exposed rather than secret. This is not courage. This is fear pretending strength. I say that with love. Truth is love.


    So we feel for the truth of what is so on balance. Always competing ideas. Truth is a living experience of selflessness. It is the virtue that moves not the person, although the virtue moves the person. That is why we see courage in those speaking the truth. Snowden was truthful.


    Unfairness comes from need as greed. Fairness arises from no need, like an impartial judge. It is like balancing to ensure it feels still. When I researched in qualitative methods, I sat feeling for the balance of comments to ensure fair reflection in analysis. Truth moved this.


    All justice is fairness. It is a mind that is not selfish. It sees itself in others, this is empathy. When you grow up with parents who are fair, you learn it. If they are unfair you learn it. Justice is learning that equality is real.


    Inspiration in a free flow is what moves me to write like this. One after the other, there is no gap in feeling, just flowing out to you. You are so worthy, you cannot imagine the true beauty of who you are when you stop thinking and start feeling this. You will never look back


    “No one pretends there is an easy way for the European Union to manage the flow of asylum seekers and other migrants arriving by boat from Libya” @KenRoth #QandA

  16. I left om in the previous post as it was ‘in’. I did this as OM is the universal sound wave that connects you to mastery. See no mistakes even when I make mistakes, it is all perfect. I love that.


    I believe the greatest teachers felt this as they sought to show a fearful humanity through their example, the potential waiting for them.They put them on pedal stools, rather than access their own mastery. Even those skeptical of those in peace, you too are masters om potential.


    To be able to see your world as your family without talking is so beautiful. There really are no words. I just saw the potential of humanity in every face. When they smiled I saw great hope. I saw an endless love. I feel in love with every face. How blessed am I do feel this.


    As a clown I did the same thing. I just gave smiles to every face. I wanted them to see the reflection of themselves in my face. They are acceptable, fun, beautiful, unique and loved. That was my message as I moved through crowds. No words in my mind only giving, reunification.


    We think without drama life is boring. I can only say I love no drama. I love peace in my life. I crave aloneness. The creativity never stops. I am not on a mission, I just feel so much love that my hands keep typing to give to give to give even more. As I give to you, myself.


    That is why I say I love you. I say it because you are loved anyway. I may not like what you do, but I know beneath all your beliefs you are still that innocent child playing with matches. Imagine if all loved, there would be no crime, no courts, no wars. All gone.


    We have ample evidence that we’re facing a biodiversity crisis, we know what’s causing it and we have numerous solutions. It’s time to act! #ScienceMatters


    All our motivations are about getting love – whether that be recognition at work, a loving partner, children loving us, loving what we do, feeling accepted. All of it is because people crave the womb of unconditional love. This moves us our whole lives. So give it no conditions


    If there is no enemy why do we fight? We believe fighting keeps us safe, protects us. In truth it is love that is the true protection. Instantly violence de-escalates as the other is seeking love. Even the hardest heart may allow a little light in, in a moment of surprise


    Peace making is probably true to say to feel the peace as it is, we can’t make peace, we can only live it. One must observe their own thoughts. If negative in a lie, if positive in love. It is really that simple. I cannot hate the abuser as I know they suffer. There is no enemy.


    Not one has failed. We see when we are meant to see. Even going through what we are not is fine. You have to experience the negative to find the positive. Law of attraction brings it to you as you desire it. The potential for greatness is in each person when they realise.


    This is the discord on all sides, not just the other side. It is to become aware all have been hurt. Not one person unscathed on the earth. Many dealing with fear as real. However, this will change. As love is who we all are when we stop thinking.

  28. That is why I observe and note all is good. I see we are all learning. The question is do we tarnish what we see through negative beliefs we don’t question or do we turn our investigation inward to look at what hurt us when young. All discord is arising from childhood wounds.


    The people are awakening to the deception. They can see things have changed and not in a good way. They are contemplating this control grid that is arising. They know it is not in their interests. This is part of the awakening of humanity. Without control, freedom is not possible


    One can surveil gather data, surveil gather data, surveil gather data. But what do you learn from words on a page. Go and speak to the person and have a discussion. Fear surveils and gathers data. Courage speaks up and cout of the shadows. Visibility, transparency is democracy


    I really love men, but I can see many have not grown as much as women. This is not because they are less than women it is because they are taught to not feel, to not communicate truth, so emotional growth is stunted in some. Others get it and learn to come out in truth.


    Men are very frightened. I say this not as a negative comment. I can see in their rigidity great fear of change. I can feel in their detachment great fear of their emotions. It is not their fault, all their lives they are told to be strong. This has been a heavy burden for men.

  33. We can search for security whilst insecurity is arising. When we no longer feel insecure (vulnerable) we will not need security. We will allow life to unfold. As what turns up is what we want. This is unity consciousness. All is one.


    We can believe in stability until instability arises.

  35. We can believe illusions until we become dis-illusioned.


    There is no them or us, it is only us. We react to aspects of ourselves that we see in others and label ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Imagine if we stopped labelling and healed what we don’t like by forgiveness.

  37. I also see I don’t know what I don’t know. I see my own ignorance. I always believe when I know I don’t know wisdom arises. We are all wisdom arising.

  38. I am really lucky I don’t feel hate for people. It is easy for me to see they don’t know what they don’t know. This is ignorance. I always believe that if they knew they wouldn’t do it. I see innocence. I am innocence seeing.

  39. #NaturalGas overthrew #Coal to become America’s number one power source, but #RenewableEnergy is eyeing the crown

  40. I love governments, I love industry, I love climate change, I love those who are negative. Why do I love? because it is only love that changes the frequency of the world. If you hate you join in, if you are indifferent you don’t care. All that you feel is like a voting system.

  41. Love truly is an energy that meets life as One, everyone is living out the experience they need to. We are here to awaken to who we are and we take many pathways. That is why I try not to judge but follow my heart. I am still learning too.

  42. If you want to stop rapid climate change you stop using oil or fossil fuels. The question is how to break the addiction? That is a hard one.

  43. To be awake is to know there are no mistakes in the universe. This is the one verse. …

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  44. Over seven years we fought for the climate. Together we built a movement to end oil exploration. This is how we win. #Greenpeace #PeoplePower #PoepleVsOil #EndOil #MakeOilHistory




    How many governments around the world are ‘Worse Than Watergate’. I recall when John Dean, former Counsel Richard Nixon was in Australia warning people. Wakey wakey …

  46. Senators should reject Mike Pompeo’s nomination to be Secretary of State. He denies the climate crisis, and has been doing the bidding for fossil fuel interests his whole career. The American people deserve better.


      Peace starts with having peace inside yourself.

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      April 11, 2018 – Pluto (power) is squaring the Sun (ego). Avoid power struggles today wherever you are. Potential for high conflict. Recalibrate and retreat (Mercury retrograde). Withdraw from confrontations.

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      Aries sun squaring Pluto in Capricorn today has the potential for major power struggles. Past conflicts could reemerge. #astrology


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