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Come on … Dutton wants to pay Rohingyan’s $25k to return … and we will train the Burmese military


The Australian military is going to train the Burmese military to kill Rohingya terrorists more effectively AND we’re going to save the Afrikaners. And there’s nothing you can do about it #auspol

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Burmese Military leaderships is 100 % behind ethnic cleansing of Rohingya people.Where army can’t reached they used Buddhist extremists to do their dirty work.Burma’s civilian leadership also playing in the hands of military. Systematic campaign was started by Burmese army.

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1/3: Senior @UN official @UschiMuller tells me conditions in western #Myanmar are still not suitable for the “dignified and sustainable” return of #Rohingya muslims forced from their homes in Burmese military operations. She’s just returned from a trip to Rakhine state. @BBCWorld

2/3 @UN also concerned about #Rohingya muslims still in #Rakhine – despite Burmese military crackdown. @UschiMuller says estimated 400,000 living without access to education or healthcare, and unable to move around freely. #Myanmar army claims it doesn’t target civilians.

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Our families are scattered until many of missing & kill by Burmese military. We Rohingya Refugees are lives in Indonesia everyone had missed someone in their family. My uncle my cousin and my two nephew age under 5 until missing. Where i find them, if i stuck in Indonesia.


Congress must hold Burmese Military Accountable for Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya  #Rohingya #Rohingyaethniccleansing #Myanmar #MyanmarRohingya @intpolicydigest


17. The new citizenship law introduced by the Burmese military government in 1982 stripped the Rohingya Muslims of their basic rights. They were no longer recognised as one of its own 135 ethnic races of Burma. This made the Rohingya Muslims stateless in their very homeland.

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16. Then in 1962, military coup by the Burmese military overthrew Myanmar’s short-lived democracy and dismantled its parliamentary system.

“I don’t want a lot in life, I just want basic #education so I can be able to read & write” 15-year-old Roksana told me as she explained how she & her five siblings fled across the border to after the Burmese military attacked her village. #RohingyaCrisis @MedGlobalOrg


Sarakatu,40,is a mother of 6.Her family fled Myanmar into #CoxBazar Her husband’s 5brothers died in fire after the Burmese military burnt their entire village.”I don’t want to be a burden to Bangladesh,I just want to sleep knowing that I won’t wake up dead” #Rohingyarefugees


  2. Over 2000 internally displaced Karen people are hiding in the mountainous regions of eastern Burma/Myanmar due to ongoing oppression by the Burmese military. …

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    Burmese military has taken new measures to dissuade Rohingya refugees from returning to their home country. 170 mile long border has been fortified with new chain link fence, reinforced with barbed wire, and buttressed with military posts. #RohingyaWomen

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    saw the video like 2 years ago. It’s an open secret of Burmese military. The seniors can beat the hell out of juniors. That’s how they test the new recruits and maintain hierarchy

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    “Heart for Freedom” is a one hour documentary about the Karen People and their struggle for Freedom in what has become the world’s longest ongoing conflict. Since World War II the Burmese military has waged a brutal war… …

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    You can’t deal with the Palestinian issue without addressing the Israeli govt’s role any more than you can deal with Yemen without addressing the Saudi govt’s role or the Rohingya without the Burmese military‘s role. Nothing to do with anti semeticism.

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    Since 25 Aug 17 thousands of Rohingyas were killed by the Burmese military and Rakhine peoples are jointly, it’s who will do the justice! What’s the world’s looking for! We want justice to ICC court for under arrest Genocide gvt we want return to Arakan state with our full rights

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    UN Human Rights Council endorses 32 to 5 various steps to bring to justice the Burmese military perpetrators of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims. Only no votes (from five highly abusive governments): Burundi, China, Cuba, Philippines, Venezuela. Ten abstain.

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    After training the Burmese military involved in massacring the Rohingya people the UK is now providing aid to the fleeing refugees. #BritainHelps

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    UK aid is helping to provide emergency shelter for over 130,000 Rohingya refugees like Nesaru, forced to flee their homes in Burma.…
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    I know that Burmese military is not doing the right things. Not talking about that. But why keeps attacking 70 years old women who has being living far from her family and fighting for her ppl? Have some sympathy


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    I can see why reports of the many abuses committed by the Burmese military would make you sick.



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