The Risk of Losing Our Humanity



What is a critical incident?

Is it an incident that is critical?

A humanitarian disaster?

Or being critical of incidents that contravene

the health and safety of others.


Is this a duty of care?

Or the need to learn to care without duty?

For conscience over control is the critical comment,

It Is the messenger that tweets to hawks and doves,

For social media is the forum to discuss why we are losing our humanity?


What is risk?

Is it exposing people to danger?

Or the danger of being exposed?

One is physical,

The other psychological,

One requires risk management to plan safety,

The other requires psychology to learn about psychological injury,

And prevent it.


Is risk fear or precaution?

What if there is no risk when community is valued over commodities?

Is fear false evidence appearing real?

Is the fear of risk driven by laws, compensation claims and criticism of peers?

A peer review?

Why did these laws, compensation claims and criticisms arise?

The drive for profit over people became the first consideration and welfare the last,

People were regarded as costs of production rather than valued team members,

Profits were distributed to shareholders rather than employees with real investment,

For employees are seen as a physical means to an end,

Their humanity became human resources,

Career a competition of horses for courses,

Personal needs and concerns are medicated by anti-depressants,

For the job comes first,

Income over deferred happiness,

Autocracy over democracy,

As many workplaces are hierarchical and dominant,

Focusing on the triple bottom line,

Consultation is to be seen to be listening,

Focusing on industrial social ordering,

Emotional intelligence is regarded as motherhood statements,

That waste time and money,

As the imbalance of gender tips towards authoritarian edicts over



The workplaces of the future,

Will be open, democratic, inclusive and honest,

This will not be lip service,

But a service to humanity,

For we are moving into fearsome times,

Where authority will be thrown overboard in favour of saving lives,

Health and safety will be the number 1 issue of our time,

Not as a duty of care,

But remembering to care is the only duty of humanity,

For it is not about feeling good,

It is about being good at feeling,

This is the decider in the end,

For home-less people want change not coins,

They want heart not harassment,

They demand dialogue not censure behind closed doors,

As toxic behaviours are harmful not helpful

to harmonious communities that will be reconfigured,

In the future,

As our world comes back from the brink of endless conflicts,

And takes responsibility,

For our thoughts and actions,

As this is the true wealth

Of nations.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”