Unity in a Diverse World

I send love and peace to all those engaged in activities that divide or harm others.  For it is in love and true peace that we are rendered harmless.  I understand the world is configured on the basis of historical trends, socialised learning, unquestioned beliefs that bring a sense of security and patterns… Continue reading

Intelligence in Defense of Disrupting the Status Quo of UFOs

I found out about To the Stars Academy an eminant group of CIA, Department of Defense and other experts dedicated to revolutionising the human experience. I found out this group are connected with Jim Channon who the film Men that Stare at Goats represented. He is a military man, visionary who pioneered New Age approaches… Continue reading

Bowling for Florida to Ban Guns and Question Violence!!

Bowling for Florida to Ban Guns and Question Violence!!

Published Wednesday, 21st February, 2018 | By Susan AKA Peacefull | Edit

When I studied Peace Studies at La Trobe University, I recall Dr. Tom Weber speaking about guns.  We discussed if the gun is the problem? Is it an object? Is it us that… Continue reading

Are You Ready For a Global Reset?

I felt inspired to write this today.  When I touch on truth I feel deeply happy.  




Who are we?

Who will we become?

Will we share the bright optimism of a rising sun?

Or allow the dark clouds of confusion to obscure the light of fun,

Why not… Continue reading

Steven Greer on the Division of the Alien Invasion False Flag

This is an interesting topic and another area where psychology and technologies can be developed to engineer an alien invasion and generate fear in the populace.  The mentality of division is a war doctrine and it is designed to divide people to justify the need for weaponry and suppression of rights.  There is… Continue reading

Is Critique of Israel Anti-Semetic or a Democratic Imperative? What is True?


I accidently ended up in media and embedded this image. I would say this is the core of my inspiration to write this blog. There are no mistakes.

For years I have heard and seen the Israeli government using anti-Semitism as a means of deflecting criticism they do not want to hear.  My mind… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”