Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh and the Law of Nonviolence

My inner feeling is that Gandhi made non-violence more important than his life, moral arguments, pressure and compassion for those to face the death penalty. For Gandhi God is Truth and Truth is God and Non-Violence is to not do harm to another in thought, word or deed.  The young men were advocating for… Continue reading

My Wishing Well Throws a Penny to Wish You Well


I felt inspired to write this.  I just let the content find the structure.


A Wishing Well for the Truth That Sets All Free


My heart is aching,

For the tears keep welling up,

Like a wishing well,

Every tear is a penny for peace,

Every breath is an acknowledgement of… Continue reading

Oprah Whinfrey Golden Moment Ah Men Ah Men Ah Men

The words moved me to tears.  I contemplate Ah men Ah men Ah men. I will continue to speak my truth.  My wish is for sexual harassment to stop.


Breaching Privacy for FEAR or Truth?


Breaching Privacy for FEAR of Truth?


Who are you?

Who have you become?

You are the silent one,

I hear,

You are smoke and mirrors,

I see,

You are the one following me,

I think therefore I am,

I feel therefore I am not,

For what we think is never true,

It is… Continue reading

Is Israel Fighting Terrorism or Suppressing Resistance? Is this Kosher?

Israel latches onto the War on Terror to hide its own terrorism

January 19, 2015 at 12:21 pm | Published in: Article, Asia & Americas, Europe & Russia, Iraq, Israel, Middle East, Opinion, Palestine, UK, US

Nuclear Armed Countries, Non-Proliferation Treaty and UFOs

What is concerning about nuclear weapons is:

1) high levels of death occur not only in the immediate target area but concentric rings emanating out

2) the uranium half life that lingers for up to 4 billion years

3) the belief that weapons of mass destruction are a deterrent

4) the complicated geopolitics when allies… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”