Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment, Sexual Gaze and Mental Health

Women – all women – perform these psychological tricks to cope with harassment from people like Harvey Weinstein every day

It is no accident that most mental health problems start on the cusp of puberty, when the sexualised gaze becomes suddenly acute and when so many girls are suddenly subject to confusing reactions… Continue reading

The Australian Human Rights Commission on Sexual Harassment

In my view sexual harassment is about using a women for a man’s gratification.  It is a power issue as the women feels like an object.  She is seen only for his gratification.  You will know it is subtle sexual (staring and leering) harassment when you ask for it to stop and… Continue reading

Worst Victorian university for sexual harassment revealed

What is interesting about this article is that the universities have to be forced to change.  One of my questions has been would they act from conscience or coercion? I know it is coercion and I find that really concerning. This awareness extends beyond universities.

Sexual Harassment and Risks of Suicide in Universities


As a person who has experienced sexual harassment as both overt and covert, in my view we do not need ZERO TOLERANCE on sexual assault and non-verbal behaviours (‘crazy making’) which are subtle and consistent. The problem with sexual harassment (overt, covert) is that it evokes perceived powerlessness given when the person asks… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”