Is Serco Secure When 123,000 Goverment Employees Personal Information Stolen?

Serco according to this article does not appear secure in respect of data and privacy and their response to hacking was considered unapologetic.  The Australian Government today announced they will provide call centre services for Centrelink recipients.  It appears the beginning of privatisation of social security.  Serco appears to have a history… Continue reading

The Privatisation of Australian Social Security

It is interesting as you start to wake up you realise that the Australian taxpayer is having its taxes redirectd to private multinational companies.  The conglomerate Serco is a British company the profits and employees are not based in Australia.  The Australian Government today announced it is contracting out the call centre for… Continue reading

Civil Liberties Australia: The Right to Privacy

This was published on my birthday, so I guess it is a gift to me.  I value my freedoms, I value my right to free speech, I value speaking up and I value my privacy.  In a world that is based in a fear based culture I regard data collection of public information… Continue reading

Mass Surveillance of Australians


Wikipedia provides a good overview.  Surveillance is a topical issue in Australia and around the world.   I find this quote very interesting.

  For the life of me, I cannot understand why it is somehow correct for all of your privacy to be invaded for a commercial purpose but I am… Continue reading

Does Privacy Matter?

I was thinking about privacy today.  I was thinking to write in this blog that I do not give any security intelligence agencies permission to monitor my phone calls or emails.  This blog is fine as I choose my thoughts to be public.  I have nothing to hide but I choose whom… Continue reading

Corporate Surveillance: A Profit Motive

This article was sent to me by a friend in Civil Liberties Australia. I have to smile at surveillance used to detect emotions of shoppers. I’ve had some experience here as my former career was as a market analyst. We filmed customers with cameras in-store. These cameras were PTZ or Pan, Tilt and Zoom. We… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”