Is Purchasing Democracy One Vote One Value

I find the whole process of donations undermining of democracy.  Why do we have an electoral system if those in business can gain influence and support through the monetary signal of donations to parties.  The higher the donation the higher the access.  Ordinary people (or are not ordinary at all) have no… Continue reading

Do Private Interests Garner Influence Through Political Donations?

Is it democracy to allow some private interests to be able to gain access to political leaders by paying a higher price than the public can afford? 

What happens when these interests get a contract to deliver public goods such as education, health, security (intelligence), detention centres or social security to name a few?… Continue reading

Close Relationship Between Politician Tony Abbott and Media Mogul Murdoch

Again the words ‘real democracy’ come into my mind and the realisation that we do not have one.  I read article after article of how those in power are influenced by the wealthy elite. If they are media moguls they can make or break careers due to their editorial power. There should be laws… Continue reading

Skeptic Handbook, Politics and Changing Climates

I am not surprised that an energy company CEO was spreading a skeptics handbook to elites., apparently his email was a mistake and went out to a larger listing and clearly leaked to the media. He was in the Liberal Party. His wife was the Chancellor of Sydney University mentioned below.  It is not… Continue reading

Should University Chancellors Award Honorary Degrees to Politicians?

Should a Chancellor be sourced from Industry (finance) or should a person at this level come from academia with an education background?  Is it appropriate for a former Liberal Prime Minister be awarded an Honorary degree? Who are the people who should be awarded Honorary degrees or is this a form of persuading alliances… Continue reading

Is Racism Infiltrating Australian Politics?

I am watching a documentary on the One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson learning about her right wing politics. She spoke of anti-multiculturalism, anti-Asian, anti-Muslim. She stated she wanted the Australia of her childhood.  She believed Australia would be swamped. She didn’t like homosexuals either. She used the word equality but she didn’t understand that… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”