Humanity’s Magnetic Fields of Fire


Humanity’s Magnetic Fields of Fire


There is a fire burning,

An intense ball,

A million earths burn within,

As it circles the heart

Of humanity.


A flaming ball of heat and light,

6000 degrees on the surface,

Magnetic fields generate the furnace,

For temperature is regulated,

Climate is changed,

For sun spots… Continue reading

Conditional Resource or Natural World?


Many grow up in a world that is conditional,

Many grow up feeling that they are compared,

For many are forming judgements,

Yet judgement is not justice,

Criticism is not truth,

Isolation is not family,

And fear is the architect of this.


I walk into the natural world,

And… Continue reading

A Message to Humanity

I found this poem I wrote in 2006.  I felt to post it if I haven’t already. I know in my heart that until we remember real love we cannot change a thing. It is indeed the solution, even to climate change. I just had a feeling about the words climate change, the shift… Continue reading

Can the Politics of US Power Transform into the Rising Sun of Peace?

A poem I felt inspired to write today inspired by the North Korean Leader and the US President. The message to both is that Peace is the Way and the Life. 


Can the Politics of US Power Transform into the Rising Sun of Peace?


I do not watch the media,

As the… Continue reading

Violence is Suppression



Violence is suppression,

Of the voice you do not want to hear,

Yet the whisper of its call,

Is a roll call,

For you are here to learn who you are.


As sure as night follows day,

The truth will find you,

It matters not where you hide,

For you… Continue reading

Why Are Fathers Homeless?



To be a father,

Is not about sewing the seed,

But committing in-deed

to your family home.


Many fathers run away,


When they lay in their bed,

They didn’t make it


Leaving a mess,

Where love should help clean up,

Walking away,

When courage is to stay,… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”