The Mountain View of INfinite Perspectives

The Mountain View of INfinite Possibility

Does the Mountain have a view?

Or is it to view from a higher Mountain?

What if Mountain View,

Is a perspective.


What is true?

What is real?

What do we reveal?

What do we conceal?


For to seek for truth,

Is an inner inquiry,

An inquiry… Continue reading

Breaching Privacy for FEAR or Truth?


Breaching Privacy for FEAR of Truth?


Who are you?

Who have you become?

You are the silent one,

I hear,

You are smoke and mirrors,

I see,

You are the one following me,

I think therefore I am,

I feel therefore I am not,

For what we think is never true,

It is… Continue reading

Is Existence Useless?


Existence Is Useless


Why do we exist?

Is it to work, eat and pray?

Is it to watch Idol?

Be idle?

Worship idols?

Or to thine own self be true?


Am I a cog in a wheel?


Or the wheel without a cog?

Am I the still centre?

Or the spinning… Continue reading

Francis Bacon’s Inner Sense, Integrity and Enlightenment

Here is the poem I felt to write today on Francis Bacon.   My inner sense expresses this.  I do not know if I can do justice to Francis Bacon’s life barely touching an outline of it but my inner feeling tells me he is significant to today.

Interestingly it is the anniversary… Continue reading

What is the Reality of Truth?

I just felt to write this now. I just made it up. I am up for being re-made.




What is truth,

But a perspective,

An elective,

A vote for one or another,

A choice,

A voice,

That resonates and reverberates,

As true.


What if truth does not exist?… Continue reading

Recycling Happiness and Gratitude


An angel touched,
A message sent,
As heaven is knocking on your door,
For many are crying ‘what for?’
The ouroboros recycles souls,
As each plays out their role,
Landlocked in limited consciousness,
On islands of automation,
Playing a part but unaware of the whole.

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”