Is Pain Meant to Be? Should We Suffer?

I was in pain yesterday, it is emotional pain.  I have sent this video to my niece who is in constant physical pain.  It is a good reminder to relax and allow.

How do we know we need our pain, it is happening.  How can we know it is not necessary?

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Is the Nobel Peace Prize Honouring Nobel’s Wishes?

“Nobel wanted to liberate humanity from the extremely dangerous and counterproductive military security policy we are trapped in…”

For myself the ‘security’ policy is the core issue.  Inherent within this is the idea of an enemy.  It can be found in the military, in leadership, in authority across a range of roles.

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UNESCO’s Response to US/IsraelI Opt Out

I found this very interesting and it seems to me to make the philosophical reality visible.  The United States and Israel have announced their withdrawal from UNESCO. Clearly those in the US leadership and Israel do not value what UNESCO stands for.  It is far better they opt out then be there pretending… Continue reading

Why is Peace Journalism More Effective than Conflict Reporting?

Peace Journalism would evolutionise our world and de-escalate paradigms that keep us in constant fear. This approach shifts the focus from sensationalism (drama) to problem solving (empowerment) with real balance. 

I have worked as a peace journalist on radio and I ensured both sides came to the studio to not only discuss the… Continue reading

James Twyman Worldwide Meditation for Peaceful Resolution In North Korea

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James Twyman Traveling to Korea

for Worldwide Mediation for Peace

September 16th, Noon EST


As you know, the world is in the midst of the most dangerous standoffs since the Cuban Missile Crisis. With the detonation of another hydrogen bomb in North… Continue reading

Freedom is Beyond Thought

This is a wonderful teaching by Eckhart Tolle.  He lives peace by example and essence.  His life is a pointer to the Way.  Perhaps it is Stillness that Speaks?




Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”