Why Are We Fighting Nature? Wake Up!

I found this YouTube video below by chance as I followed another thread.  I really resonate with what it is reflecting. It reveals why we are fighting nature and it will provide insights into the times we are moving through.

I thought of my blog title Peace is Our True Nature.  Indeed it… Continue reading

Freedom is Beyond Thought

This is a wonderful teaching by Eckhart Tolle.  He lives peace by example and essence.  His life is a pointer to the Way.  Perhaps it is Stillness that Speaks?




How Important is Social Intelligence to Growth?

I ask the question – How important is Social Intelligence to Growth?  

The growth I refer to is emotional growth as maturity which is far more important that economic growth. This is the science of emotional intelligence where as we think and feel we actually re-wire the brain.  This type of intelligence expands… Continue reading

Peace Calls You Home On Time


Make a wish for the world you want to see.  Then live it as if it is free.  Dreams always come true.




The way of peace,

Is the way of truth,

The way of truth,

Is the way of clarity,

And this arises… Continue reading

Refugee Issues: Another Day in Paradise


I have been reflecting on the global response to the child washed up on the beach. There has been some connection made to the tragedy of Syria.  I was reflecting on how long it takes for the world community to feel compassion and force their leaders to act.  I was pleased to… Continue reading

The Potential of Oneness




My potential stands dormant,

Like a passionate volcano suppressed by time,

Condensed by pressure,

Resting silent yet awake.


Society’s potential lies dormant,

Under the rubble of deception and depression,

Suppressed by time,

Held down by pressure,

Without resting,

Many are waiting to awaken in time.


I watch… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”